| | NOVEMBER 202319on the site, according to well-known foreign policy analyst Ian Bremmer, `is unlike anything I've ever been exposed to in my career as a political scientist'.Meta Forms a Hebrew and Arabic Squad for a Swift Take Down of ContentMeta announced that it is increasing efforts to enforce regulations on violence and false information. The software giant claimed to have formed a "special operations center" with specialists, including native speakers of Hebrew and Arabic, to monitor the situation and swiftly take down information that is in violation of Meta standards.The company stressed that its harmful organizations and people policy prohibits Hamas from using Facebook and Instagram. In response to the flood of conflict-related misinformation on social media, Meta also announced that it is collaborating with AFP, Reuters, and Fatabyyano to fact-check claims and push erroneous claims down in users' news feeds.TikTok Ensures Safety of its Workforce WorldwideTikTok is ramping up its efforts by establishing a command center to oversee the work of its safety professionals all over the world, enhancing the software it employs to automatically detect and eliminate graphic and violent content, and hiring more individuals who speak Arabic and Hebrew to regulate content.Since the Hamas attack, the company, which is controlled by China's ByteDance, claimed to have taken down 8,000 livestream recordings and more than 500,000 other videos from the impacted region.According to YouTube, graphic content may be permitted on the platform if it has a substantial amount of journalistic value, but the platform is monitoring films that break its standards.Snap claims to be keeping an eye out for false information and violent provocation.Israel's IT Employees Potentially Called Up to the War's FrontlinesThe 360,000 reservists in Israel's military are being called up to prepare for an anticipated ground invasion of Gaza following strikes over the weekend by the terrorist organization Hamas. Among them are workers in the country's computer sector.The potential for employee enlistment in the military is a known risk issue for investors in Israeli technology companies. For instance, Mobileye, a business with headquarters in Jerusalem, mentions in its IPO registration from last year that "Operations may be disrupted by the obligations of personnel to perform military service."When they turn 18, the majority of Israelis are conscripted to service in the country's defense forces for two or three years. They are then obligated to perform yearly reserve duty until they are 40 years old, or occasionally older. In cases of emergency, reservists may also be asked to serve on additional active duty.Israel's Tech Firms Could Shift Operations to Other GeographiesGlobal technology firms with operations in Israel might think about moving those activities to alternative locations like India, the Middle East, or Eastern Europe.More than 500 international businesses are currently based in Israel, including well-known brands like Microsoft, Intel, and Google. Additionally present in the area are Indian companies like TCS and Wipro, which together employ over 100,000 people. The Israeli military is likely to intensify its stance, potentially leading to a full-scale invasion of the Gaza Strip. This will cause huge disruptions to the high-tech sector, which is known for its rapid growth in Israel. ACCORDING TO META, IN THE FIRST THREE DAYS OF THE CONFLICT, IT FLAGGED OR REMOVED MORE THAN 795,000 PIECES OF INFORMATION IN HEBREW AND ARABIC FOR BREAKING ITS RULES REGARDING, AMONG OTHER THINGS, DANGEROUS ORGANIZATIONS AND PEOPLE, VIOLENT AND GRAPHIC CONTENT, AND HATE SPEECH
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