| | OCTOBER 202319BY IMPLEMENTING OUR STRATEGY THOUGHTFULLY, WE CAN SECURE LONG-TERM GROWTH TO DELIVER SUSTAINABLE, USER-CENTRIC, AND COST-EFFECTIVE MOBILITY SOLUTIONS IN THE REGIONin the business, Michel stressed, "Being agile to fully understand the changes unfolding around the world and within the business helps us stay relevant and ahead."Share with us some of your challenges in developing and maintaining a strong company culture and why you believe this is important for the organization's overall success?A strong performance-driven culture is crucial in delivering satisfaction for customers, shareholders, and employees, which ultimately translates to better business outcomes. Michel added, "The culture we foster within Siemens Mobility Asia Pacific promotes collaboration, teamwork, and trust (responsibility and accountability) to deliver our best in all business areas".What sources or techniques did you employ to gain a deeper understanding of recent trends or advances in your industry?Michel discussed some of the latest trends in mobility, such as digitalization, cybersecurity, and sustainability. The mobility industry, particularly Siemens Mobility, has contributed to accelerated innovation in the past decade and will continue to do so. For example, there is an increasing emphasis on passenger-to-asset digitalization, driving first-to-last mile passenger connectivity, enhancing commuter experience, and optimizing asset performance for operations and maintenance (and beyond). Michel highlighted, "Even as we strive to provide better functionality, higher performance, and more value-add to customers and end-users, cybersecurity remains at the core in accordance with the highest security standards."How do you balance the interests of several parties, such as shareholders, employees, and customers?Transport innovations include more seamless passenger connections between different travel modes, such as walking, biking, public transit, and taxis. Increased connectivity between these modes encourages more sustainable and greener journeys with a lower CO2 footprint. "Our approach not only provides a safe and reliable system but also enhances the passenger experience overall," said Michel.What are the new innovations to watch out for in the near and long term within your industry?There is a clear opportunity for all stakeholders to contribute towards an exciting and expanding mobility ecosystem. From policymaking to the provision of technology solutions and integrating end-user services, much remains to be done that requires even more innovation in the business. Players who can leverage new technology successfully, from conception through delivery and operations, stand to benefit the most. "The mobility industry is leading the way to drive sustainability by developing lower CO2 emissions (and even emissions-free) solutions. We must come together and continue pushing for better energy and cost efficiency for our customers," Michel concluded.
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