| | DECEMBER 20239IN FOCUSPLN GROUP INKS COLLABORATIVE AGREEMENTS WITH FOUR INDONESIAN STARTUPSPLN Group entered into a partnership with four local startups, Kanggo, Rekosistem, Imajin, and Fresh Factory, on November 21 in Jakarta. These startups are participants in the Connext Powered by PLN program. PLN's director of corporate planning and business development, Hartanto Wibowo, stated in an official statement on November 26, 2023, that the signing of this collaboration agreement exemplifies PLN's dedication to becoming a hub for energy, electricity, and related startups. This move aims to enable companies to continually adjust to technological advancements and shifts in digital behavior in today's era.Each of the four startups collaborates with various PLN subsidiaries. Fresh Factory teams up with PLN UID West Kalimantan and PLN Icon Plus to establish a cold chain warehouse network integrated with telematics technology, enhancing cold storage quality. Rekosistem, a waste-to-energy startup, partners with PLN Energy Management Indonesia to utilize waste as a fuel source for steam power plants, aiming to augment PLN's renewable energy composition.Kanggo collaborates with PLN Icon Plus to offer carpentry service solutions through the Marketplace platform in the PLN Mobile application. On the other hand, Imajin works with PT Haleyora Power to aid small and medium-scale manufacturing businesses in leveraging PLN's advanced machinery to enhance the quality and local content level (TKDN) of Indonesian products. Hartanto anticipates that PLN's collaboration with these startups will offer solutions to local challenges. He expressed aspirations for greater programs in 2024 compared to 2023, aiming to establish a substantial foundation for Indonesian startup development within PLN's ecosystem. SAMSUNG INTRODUCES UNIT FOR NEW BUSINESS EXPLORATIONSamsung Electronics, renowned for its memory chips and smartphones, announced the formation of a new division aimed at discovering fresh business prospects during its yearly reorganization of senior leadership. Termed the 'Future Business Planning Division', this unit will be overseen by Jun Young-hyun, a veteran Samsung executive currently serving as vice chairman of Samsung SDI Co., a display arm of the Samsung Group, as per the company's official statement.During the annual restructuring, Han Jong-hee and Kyung Kye-hyun, Co-CEOs of Samsung Electronics, retained their positions in an effort to provide stability to the company's leadership, approximately a year after Chairman Lee Jae-yong assumed control, according to reports from Yonhap news agency. The formation of the unit aimed at exploring fresh business prospects beyond its current operations was confirmed by Samsung Electronics in its statement.As part of the reshuffle, two vice presidents were elevated in their roles. Yong Seok-woo, who has held various positions within the company's display division, was promoted to president and will now oversee the display division. Kim Won-kyong, previously a diplomat and a member of Samsung Electronics since 2012, was also promoted to president and will lead the company's global public affairs division.Samsung's most recent reshuffle differed in scale from prior ones. In the preceding year, a total of seven executives were elevated to the position of president, notably including Lee Young-hee, the company's inaugural female president. This latest restructuring is perceived as an indication of Samsung's inclination toward grooming younger talents for top-tier executive roles, with Yong being the first company president born in the 1970s. The reshuffle occurred amidst an extended global economic downturn and challenges faced by the semiconductor industry, which have impacted Samsung Electronics' quarterly performance negatively.
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