| | AUGUST 20233 EMPOWERING LONDON LTD Provides high-quality, confidential and ethical counselling services to reach solution-focused outcomes in a non-judgmental and non-advisory setting. Our passion is psychotherapy, coaching and mentoring. We are both multi-lingual and multi-cultural. We understand and empathize with the needs of a wide range of clients. The aim is to make a positive impact on our clients' lives; our services are affordable and dependable. SmitaMelling Practitioner Psychologist, HCPC, MBACP, MSc, MBA, MBPsS, BPS Level A&B Verified professional: For all enquiries: Email info@empoweringlondon.co.uk SERVICES Psychological Counselling Psychotherapy REBT CBT Solution Focused Therapy Schema Therapy Couples Therapy Integrative Therapy Work-life Coaching Psychometric Testing CONCERNS Work-life Balance Self-esteem Performance Anxiety Redundancy Couples Relationship Interpersonal Relationship GAD BPD OCD PTSD Depression Stress Burnout Anxiety
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