| | JULY 20238IN FOCUSDREMIO APPOINTS SENDUR SELLAKUMAR AS CEOThomas Cook (India) Ltd, a provider of travel services, announced a top-level reorganization with Mahesh Iyer being promoted to Managing Director and the Chief Executive Officer and Madhavan Menon being named Executive Chairman. Menon was previously designated as Chairman and Managing Director, but the company's board of directors recently accepted his re-designation and appointment as Executive Chairman in the category of Whole-Time Director, Thomas Cook (India) said in a regulatory filing.He will be appointed for a new five-year term starting on July 5, 2023, and ending on July 4, 2028, and he will not be subject to rotational retirement, according to the statement. The business said that its board had also accepted Iyer's reclassification from Executive Director and CEO to MD and CEO. From July 5, 2023, Iyer will once again serve as Managing Director and CEO for a period of five years.The 46th Annual General Meeting of the firm, slated for August 23, 2023, will decide whether or not to approve the new designations of Menon and Iyer, according to the petition. Sendur Sellakumar has been appointed as the new CEO of Dremio, an open and simple data lakehouse. Sellakumar will guide the business in its next stage of expansion and offers a wealth of experience in the enterprise IT sector. As Dremio continues to improve its capabilities across software and cloud services, Sellakumar's expertise in fostering growth and innovation, particularly at the convergence of the cloud, software, and data worlds, will be of immeasurable value.With more than 20 years of leadership expertise in corporate software and data analytics, Sellakumar joins Dremio. He has a track record of successfully leading business change, developing high-performance teams, and producing outstanding outcomes for enterprise clients.Sellakumar worked at Splunk and ServiceTitan in a number of software technology positions before joining Dremio. In specifically, he served as Splunk's Chief Cloud Officer, a top platform for data analytics. He was instrumental in transforming the company's cloud business strategy and driving the company's product strategy throughout his time at Splunk, helping to expand the company's cloud business to over $1 billion in ARR with thousands of enterprise customers. Sellakumar assisted in accelerating Splunk's growth during several software and cloud business changes. "I am honored and excited to join Dremio as its CEO," said Sendur Sellakumar. "Dremio's innovative approach to enterprise analytics and its commitment to empowering organizations with fast, flexible, and reliable access to their data is truly impressive. I am looking forward to working closely with the talented Dremio team to further accelerate the company's growth and deliver exceptional value to our customers. We are committed to helping enterprise customers realize the value of their data in driving business outcomes." THOMAS COOK NAMES MAHESH IYER AS MD & CEO
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