| | FEBRUARY 20236C O NT R IB U T O R STechnology Reshaping the Future of HealthcareSharon Chan, Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation ­ JLABS Asia PacificEXPERTS TALK18Cybercriminals: Who are They & How Do They Use Malware?Anthony Webb,Vice President International,A10 NetworksTHOUGHT LEADERSHIP12Technology Key to Global Travel RecoveryBenjamin Boesch,Chief Digital Officer, VFS Global44Consumer Electronics Industry: Adapting the New DynamicsVikas Chadha,CEO,Jumbo Group28How Today's Digital Economy has Transformed the way Industries & Organisations OperateAditya Arora,CEO,Teleperformance36ABDULLAH BANI HANI,CHEIF EXECUTIVE OFFICER,HORTI GROUP24AMIT N. MARWAH,CEO,FRAIKIN DAYIM TRUCK RENTAL32MD GOLAM SARWAR,MANAGING DIRECTOR,PRANTIK GROUP38ABDULSATTAR MAWLOOD,CO-FOUNDER & EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR,GALIAWA GROUP26HAWAS BAJAWI,CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER - WATER, OIL & GAS SECTOR,ALSHARIF GROUP34SARDAR AHMED KHAN,DIRECTOR-MARKETING & OPERATIONS (APPAREL DIVISION), LUCKY TEXTILE MILLS42BUSINESS LEADERS TOP 10IN ASIA - 2023Three Ways Investing in Route Planning Software is Beneficial for the Transportation IndustryMradul K., VP - Global Sales & Strategy, LogiNextLAST WORD46
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