| | NOVEMBER 20226C O NT R IB U T O R SA Glance into the Post-Pandemic World & the Opportunities It Holds for the Business LeadersMaking Innovation work for India's Low-Carbon FutureHybrid Education is a More Efficient System of EducationTechnology Key to Global Travel RecoveryPursuit Of ExcellenceTransforming the Digital Fintech Landscape with AIRuchika Malhan Varma,Chief Marketing Officer,Future Generali India InsuranceAjeya Bandyopadhyay,Senior Operations Officer,IFCSukriti Dugal,Founder,ICRI Online LearningBenjamin Boesch,Chief Digital Officer,VFS GlobalRajesh Kumar Singh,Global Head - HR,KPITAlok Bansal,MD & Country Head - India, Visionet SystemsEXPERTS TALKLAST WORDTHOUGHT LEADERSHIP161024263032CHAS GESCHKE,CEO,HANUMAN BEVERAGES22CEOs FROM CAMBODIA2022TOP 10Learning & Development ­ Need & ImportanceTulika Srivastava,Head ­ L&D,Altisource341624SAMEATHOUK
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