| | OCTOBER 202319costs only $10 more than the basic 4K stick, has twice the capacity (16GB) and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity.Amazon's Fire TV Stick 4K Max is the company's first streaming video player to offer the Fire TV Ambient Experience. Previously, the capability was only available to consumers who purchased Fire TV Omni QLED series TV models. The Fire TV Stick 4K costs $49.99, and the Fire TV Stick 4K Max costs $59.99.Fire TV Soundbar Amazon also revealed its new Fire TV Soundbar, as well as fresh Fire TV upgrades. The new variant has a 24-inch screen and is compatible with all previous Fire TV devices. It also offers Bluetooth connectivity, allowing customers to couple their gadgets even when they aren't watching TV. The new Fire TV Soundbar costs $119.99 in the United States.An Upgraded Fire TV Experience Powered by Generative AIFire TV, like Alexa, is getting generative AI. The new Fire TV experience promises to improve search and recommendations by merging Fire TV's enormous library with generative AI. The new Fire TV experience, according to Amazon, will make it easier for customers to find new content in a more conversational manner. Customers will be able to ask Alexa to identify content based on certain keywords like actors, scenes, genres, and so on.Amazon Echo Frames Amazon revealed a new version of its Echo Frames audio spectacles during its autumn event. The next-generation Echo Frames now have a battery life of up to six hours. According to Amazon, users may now pair and exchange frames between two devices. Amazon's new Echo Frames audio glasses, which start at $269.99, are available in five new styles, including prescription-ready and blue light lenses. In comparison to their predecessors, the new Echo Frames offer significantly improved music quality thanks to new custom-built speakers that can produce greater bass while minimizing outside noise. The glasses appear considerably more natural and are intended to provide a completely hands-free experience.Amazon Echo Hub Smart Home Control Panel Amazon unveiled the all-new Echo Hub at its autumn product presentation. The Echo Hub is Amazon's first smart home controller that resembles a simple touchscreen tablet rather than a smart display. It is capable of controlling your smart home experiences. The new Echo Show 5 runs the same operating system as the 8-inch tablet-like device. However, it does not include a camera.The Echo Hub includes a configurable smart home dashboard that allows consumers to manage their smart home devices through a simple interface. When an Echo Hub detects a client close, it automatically turns to the Home Screen. When the user is not there, it can revert to a default setting, such as a clock. In the United States, the Echo Hub costs $179.99. DAVE LIM, AMAZON'S OUTGOING SVP OF DEVICES AND SERVICES, SAYS, "ALEXA WILL NOW BE ABLE TO INTERPRET CONVERSATIONS AND RESPOND APPROPRIATELY. ALEXA CAN ALSO REPLY TO TOO MANY COMMANDS WITH A SINGLE COMMAND
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