| | NOVEMBER 20228IN FOCUSNTT, KIOXIA TO BACK NEW JAPANESE LOGIC CHIP COMPANIESMajor Japanese companies such as Nippon Telegraph and Telephone and Kioxia Holdings, have decided to invest in a new state-backed company that aims to mass-produce next-generation logic semiconductors, sources reported.Other companies, including Toyota Motor, Sony Group, SoftBank and Denso Corp, also plan to invest about 1 billion yen ($6.84 million) each into the new company, sources reported separately. Japan's government will set up a new research centre by the end of 2022 to develop sub 2-nanometre semiconductors, which will be led by a former Tokyo Electron president, reports also said.Asian companies are racing to develop advanced computer chips ­ a technological rivalry that heated-up after the US imposed new export controls on advanced chips being sold to China. OTHER COMPANIES, INCLUDING TOYOTA MOTOR, SONY GROUP, SOFTBANK AND DENSO CORP, ALSO PLAN TO INVEST ABOUT 1 BILLION YEN ($6.84 MILLION) EACH INTO THE NEW COMPANY, SOURCES REPORTED SEPARATELY
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