| | JULY 20238IN FOCUSEGYPT'S PETROLEUM MINISTRY UNVEILS DIGITAL PLATFORM TO GAIN INVESTMENTSSTANDARD BANK JOIN HANDS WITH HUAWEI TO EMPOWER DIGITAL BANKING SOLUTIONSThanks to a new tool that will make it simpler for investors to identify opportunities in the nation, Egypt's petroleum sector is on pace to flourish. According to a release, the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources launched the Upstream Gateway digital portal with the goal of marketing petroleum regions around the world.Additionally, it will support bids in the oil and gas exploration sector of the North African nation and offer the geological data needed by present and potential investors. As part of the industry-wide development and modernization initiative, which started in 2016, the petroleum sector is putting into practice an integrated digital transformation programme.By creating an integrated and unified digital system that connects all activities within the sector and makes data accessible to support and expedite decision-making while addressing issues, the programme seeks to increase performance and operational efficiency. By building an enterprise resource planning and management system, the industry attempts to implement governance structures by utilizing contemporary technologies to connect all oil firms and facilities.The plan aims to improve performance and operational efficiency by developing an integrated and unified digital system that links all sectoral activities and makes data accessible to support and hasten decision-making while addressing concerns. The industry strives to adopt governance structures by constructing an enterprise resource planning and management system that connects all oil firms and facilities using modern technologies. The government and all holding firms have already adopted the ERP system. A database that electronically incorporates all components of the trading system was also created as a follow-up system for fuel quantities. To offer cutting-edge digital banking solutions to its clients in South Africa, Standard Bank, a major financial institution in that country, has entered into a strategic partnership with Huawei Mobile Services. In a recent interview, Standard Bank South Africa's Belinda Rathogwa, executive head: digital and e-commerce for personal and private banking, provided insightful details on the coordinated efforts.Rathogwa claims that the goal of the partnership between Standard Bank and HUAWEI Mobile Services South Africa is to provide consumers who access the Standard Bank banking app through Huawei devices with seamless digital banking experiences. The two organizations have been collaborating closely over the past three years to integrate HMS capabilities, ensuring that the Standard Bank financial app is compatible with Huawei's ecosystem. Over 300,000 Huawei customers now have access to the world of digital banking thanks to the implementation of safety detect and a push to promote universal app downloads as part of this collaboration."Our collaboration introduces the convenience of mobile banking enabling users to access the Standard Bank banking app on their devices and enjoy services such as checking their credit score, opening a savings account and purchasing airtime, data, or electricity through the banking app," said Rathogwa. Huawei wants to create a strong app ecosystem so that its users have access to a wide variety of high-quality apps. Its partnerships with reputable companies, like Standard Bank, are essential to growing the AppGallery's app selection and improving the user experience as a whole.Resources, tools, technical assistance, and financial incentives are made available to HMS partners to help companies create and refine their apps for HUAWEI devices.
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