| | NOVEMBER 20238INFOCUSEMIRATES HAS INKED $1.2BN DEALS WITH FRANCE'S SAFRANEmirates recently finalized contracts valued at $1.2 billion with Safran, a leading French aerospace company. These agreements encompass a range of products, spanning from new aircraft seats to various components. Notably, a significant portion a $1 billion deal at list prices focuses on acquiring business, premium economy, and economy class seats for Emirates' upcoming A350 and 777X-9 jets, along with their existing Boeing 777-300 fleet. Additionally, the deals include provisions for cabin equipment, wheels, carbon brakes, landing gear component repairs, as well as retrofit and maintenance support. Tim Clark, President of Emirates, emphasized their collaborative efforts to innovate and enhance future cabin experiences through intelligent design and cutting-edge technology.Safran's contributions, particularly in customizing seat types for Emirates, have played a decisive role in their selection process. This recent announcement holds great significance as it not only supports aviation manufacturing but also contributes to the broader value chain in France and Europe. Safran's CEO, Olivier Andries, highlighted the pivotal nature of these agreements, foreseeing continued growth for Safran in partnership with Emirates, a global market leader. There's a strong focus on looking towards the future amidst these developments.Moreover, Safran Cabin is set to supply galley shipsets for Emirates' A350 fleet, while Safran Landing Systems will furnish wheels and carbon brakes for the same fleet. Emirates specifically pointed out that these brakes offer substantial weight reduction and an advanced design for improved cooling, resulting in shorter turnaround times and increased fleet availability. Safran Passenger Innovations, on the other hand, will supply Emirates with its RAVE AeroConnect Ka solution, enhancing in-flight connectivity.In addition to equipment provision for Emirates' new fleet, Safran is actively collaborating with the airline on ongoing retrofit programs. This initiative includes the supply of new seats for Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 aircraft. Safran Landing Systems has been designated to exclusively service Emirates for A380 fleet nose landing gear overhauls. Furthermore, Emirates has entered a 10-year agreement with Safran Aerosystems to handle repair and maintenance of safety and cabin systems components for Boeing 777 aircraft. Safran Aerosystems' facility near Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai will facilitate these maintenance services, significantly contributing to enhancing Emirates' operational efficiency.
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