| | NOVEMBER 202319We recognized its parallel with the early stages of electronic integrated circuits (IC), which have now matured. Photonic IC, on the other hand, is on the rise, presenting significant opportunities, particularly in supplanting certain applications of electronic IC, especially in high-speed communication. Fueled by our collective technical expertise and past experiences, we made the decision to establish this company.How do your new products meet current market and customer demands, and how has your experience contributed to creating relevant products?As I mentioned earlier, I've been deeply involved in the organic sphere, specifically in photonic chip design and fabrication since 2003. This extensive experience and knowledge have given us a significant advantage in terms of speed compared to many competitors. Our technical products cater to a substantial market, particularly in data centre interconnections, such as communication within data centres or between data centres. This is the key target market we are focusing on. Lately, there has been a noticeable surge in data centre demand, paralleled by the continuous growth of internet communication bit rates. The AI industry, which relies Chee WeiCTO Elite PhotonicsChee Wei, a regular individual, has worked in photonics integration across research and industry since 2003. He's delved into design, fabrication, packaging, and characterization. His adventures span Singapore, the UK, and China, connecting with kindred spirits who share his passion.I strive for innovation & actively listen to our highly technical staff, valuing their input & recognizing their contributionsheavily on high-speed capabilities, is increasingly leaning towards photonics, as electronics alone can't keep pace. I foresee this shift yielding products with vital features, contributing to a substantial expansion of the market and its landscape in the future.How do you promote innovation and inspire your team to maximize their potential with the latest technologies?In my dual roles as a Co-founder and CTO of the company, my primary focus is on optimizing the performance of our R&D team. My leadership approach revolves around fostering a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere where team members feel empowered, motivated, and well-supported. To lead by example, I strive for innovation and actively listen to our highly technical staff, valuing their input and recognizing their contributions. We also provide ample room for their growth and development, allowing them to flourish. This approach encourages open communication and idea-sharing, and when valuable ideas emerge, we're willing to invest in them and even offer incentives for their further development. These methods drive our culture of innovation.Where are you aiming to reach in the future?A small portion of my attention is gradually shifting in another direction, bidding adieu. While the information provided is undeniably crucial, I don't find the same resonance in my personal journey and spiritual growth. I believe the future is not a destination, it's a direction. I would see my life direction as living every day to its fullest in many aspects of life, family, work, self-enrichment and spiritual. I see myself as a complete person, and not just as a work machine. CTOs IN SINGAPORE- 2023TOP 10
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