| | NOVEMBER 20236C O NT R IB U T O R SImportance Of Leadership During Tempestuous TimesRecalibrating for Success ­ Maximizing the ROI of Digital InvestmentsHR Priorities in the Age of Business TransformationTransforming Digital Process Automation during New NormalNisha Parikh,VP ­ HR & Marketing,TelebuBhavya Kapoor,Managing Director, Southeast Asia,AvanadeRuby J. ,CHRO,AboitizPowerDr. Kaushik Sengupta,Product Head ­ Food SAR Region,Bureau Veritas GroupEXPERTS TALKLAST WORDTHOUGHT LEADERSHIP26302010Three Ways Investing in Route Planning Software is Beneficial for the Transportation IndustryMradul K.,VP - Global Sales & Strategy, LogiNext34IN FOCUSRENAISSANCE SERVICES PARTNERS WITH WAKUD FOR BIODIESEL CONVERSION08ABU DHABI TO FUND JORDAN'S $70 MILLION DOMESTIC GAS NETWORKUAE NON-OIL BUSINESSES WITNESSES FOUR YEAR HIGH09BUSINESS INSIDEWILL THE US CHIP CRACKDOWNCRIPPLE CHINA'S SEMICONDUCTORINDUSTRY14
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