| | NOVEMBER 20239IN FOCUSKKR, a leading global investment firm and the parent company of OMS Group (or the "Company"), a leading telecom infrastructure company and provider of subsea cable services, announced the signing of definitive agreements under which KKR will invest $400 million in a customized solution for OMS Group. This is KKR's latest digital infrastructure investment in Southeast Asia, demonstrating the firm's belief in the significance of digitalisation in the region's developing internet economy.Founded in 1988, OMS Group is a neutral provider of integrated solutions for subsea telecommunications cable services, including installation and maintenance projects. The Company maintains a more-than-three-decades track record of providing mission-critical services to clients including major subsea equipment providers, large-scale cloud service providers, and telecom companies, and is internationally accredited for its quality management system, as per economic times. Projesh Banerjea, Director, Infrastructure at KKR, said, "OMS Group has established itself as a market leader with a longstanding track record of success and growth in Southeast Asia. As demand for greater connectivity across the region continues to grow, we are delighted to work closely with Datuk Lim, Ronnie Lim, and the highly rated OMS Group team to meet this critical need. Our tailored solution for OMS Group also creates strong adjacencies with KKR's recent digital infrastructure investments and builds on long-term secular tailwinds in the region, including increased data consumption, enterprise cloud needs, a focus on digitalisation by governments, and a booming digital economy. We look forward to sharing our global network and infrastructure expertise to take OMS Group to its next stage of growth". Agility, a supply chain services, infrastructure, and innovation firm, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Investment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (MISA) to investigate ways to strengthen the Saudi healthcare sector by bringing cutting-edge health technology and services to the Kingdom, while also supporting new job creation and knowledge transfer.Under the agreement, Agility and MISA will explore four areas of collaboration in the healthcare sector. This includes the potential for expanding digital health services and localizing the supply chain for innovative new medical technologies, as well as supporting Agility's technology ventures partners in establishing regional offices in the Kingdom to attract Saudi talent and promote transfer of critical supply chain and healthcare knowledge, as per zawya.As part of its Vision 2030 national strategy plan, Saudi Arabia is overhauling its healthcare system. The Healthcare Sector Transformation Program's aims include improving access to care, modernizing facilities, and expanding the role of private-sector investment.The MOU intends to increase Saudis' access to preventative health services and technologies for fighting chronic illnesses like as cardiovascular disease and breast cancer. MISA and Agility are investigating how to expand e-health services in the Kingdom by bringing in companies that, for example, enable early detection of heart problems and monitoring of heart health indicators and other bio signals via simple mobile phone selfie images, and that make breast cancer screenings more widely and easily accessible via high-resolution imagery technology that is highly efficient and low-cost. KKR TO FUNNEL $400 MILLION TO MALAYSIA FIRM OMS GROUPAGILITY INKS HEALTHCARE MOU WITH SAUDI MINISTRY OF INVESTMENT
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