| | SEPTEMBER 202319before they happen. ML will address the more complex challenges by enhancing how machines comprehend human language ­ building knowledgeable analytics to protect employee endpoints from fraudulent activities. In the remote working environment, it will become increasingly important to upskill a system's ability to understand the context of interactions, when considering growing online contact rates. Looking Ahead To A Digital-First FutureNeedless to say, it can't be predicted what challenges lie ahead for organisations in the coming years. But, understanding the technology paradigm shift, and embracing it to design future-ready infrastructures will help businesses thrive in the marketplace, and see a highreturn on investment in the long term. The evolving work-at-home set-up should be bolstered with one trusted cloud network, underpinned with AI technologies, to unlock new digital revenue streams and ensure experiences for employees and customers are continuously enhanced. EXECUTIVES, NAVIGATING THROUGH THIS PARTICULARLY ROUGH AND UNPREDICTABLE CRISIS, SHOULD BE LOOKING TO RAMP UP DIGITAL RESOURCES AND TRAINING TO ENSURE BUSINESS RESILIENCY AND CONTINUITY IN THE POST-PANDEMIC WORLD | | SEPTEMBER 20231CEOINSIGHTSASIA.COMBEST ENTREPRENEUR ASIASEPTEMBER, 2023$50THE TORCHBEARER OF ITTIHAD PAPER MILL'S SUCCESS ABDULLAH AL KHATEEBCEO,INDUSTRIAL CAPITAL GROUP (ICG)
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