| | NOVEMBER 20238IN FOCUSMITSUBISHI COLLABORATES WITH EUROPEAN CHIP MANUFACTURER TO DEVELOP SICThe Netherlands' Nexperia B.V. and the Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing business formed a cooperation. The goal of Mitsubishi and Nexperia is to create power semiconductors made on silicon carbide (SiC). The Tokyo-based producer of electrical equipment and electronics intends to develop and deliver SiC MOSFET chips to Nexperia, utilising its wide-band gap semiconductor capabilities. The European chip manufacturer will then create SiC discrete devices using Mitsubishi's SiC MOSFET chips."Nexperia is a market leader in the industrial sector, offering high-quality discrete semiconductors using proven technology. "We are thrilled to begin this co-development partnership that will capitalise on the semiconductor technologies of both companies", said Mitsubishi Electric's Group President of Semiconductors & Devices and Executive Officer Masayoshi Takemi.The market for electric vehicles and the exponential increase it is causing in SiC power semiconductors were noted in the collaboration announcement. SiC power semiconductors have quicker switching rates, higher operating temperatures, and less energy loss than conventional silicon power semiconductors. Nexperia's silicon carbide journey has advanced significantly with this strategic relationship with Mitsubishi Electric. Mitsubishi Electric is a well-established provider of SiC devices and modules with a solid technological track record.
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