| | DECEMBER 20238IN FOCUSIN FOCUSNio and Zhejiang Geely Holding Group have entered into a strategic partnership agreement focusing on battery swapping. This collaboration entails joint efforts in setting standards, advancing technology, and developing models related to this technology. Geely, known for its diverse brand portfolio including Volvo and Zeekr, becomes the second automaker after Changan Automobile to engage in a battery-swapping partnership with Nio. The agreement aims to facilitate quicker replacement of depleted battery packs with fully charged ones, offering an efficient alternative to recharging vehicles at charging points. Nio's intention to reduce costs prompted these partnerships in the pursuit of innovative solutions within the electric vehicle sector.Geely and Nio have outlined a collaborative model based on mutual investment, joint construction, shared resources, and cooperative efforts. The focus of their partnership involves establishing an efficient mechanism for managing battery assets, creating a unified operation for battery swapping, and developing electric vehicles that can seamlessly utilize each other's battery swap systems. Nio's drive to enhance profitability has led to measures such as workforce reduction and postponement of long-term investments aimed at streamlining operations and cutting costs amidst intensified competition following Tesla's initiation of a price war earlier this year.The implementation of battery swapping has the potential to alleviate strain on power grids during peak charging times. However, industry experts anticipate its feasibility will largely depend on the standardization of batteries. Nio is among a select group of electric vehicle manufacturers placing significant bets on battery swapping as a primary power solution for EVs, aiming to nearly double the number of such stations in China this year. In 2021, Geely announced ambitions to establish 5,000 battery-swapping stations for EVs globally by 2025. Currently operating 300 stations, Geely intends to continue building stations independently and in collaboration with Nio as part of their joint efforts. CHINA'S NIO PARTNERS WITH GEELY FOR AUTO BATTERY SWAPPING
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