| | DECEMBER 202319creative and innovative to be able to set a benchmark for others to follow. And at the same time, they must know how to communicate, both internally and externally. How do you guide your team to convert data into information that helps deliver the output in a risk-based manner?I focus on understanding my team's strengths and weaknesses. And then leverage their strengths and work on their weaknesses to foster competency-based development and build a conducive working environment. I believe in building a team as a delivery unit rather than individual glory where we support and respect each other regardless of our rank and position. We have built a shared vision for the organization. And focus on delivering results through each other's efforts. At HBC, we value differences, display interpersonal effectiveness, and have a humorous approach while championing customer and stakeholder focus.How do you ensure sustainable practices in the company's operations to uphold environmental and societal welfare?I encourage continuous learning and self-development among team members. I enable them to operate within the best industry practices. I carry out extensive planning prior to any activities to ensure all risks are encountered for defining the requirement for technical and non-technical risks. I encourage engagement with key stakeholders; by working on strategies to boost stakeholder engagement one can witness huge business improvement, increased opportunities for learning, more effective risk management, and develop a better understanding of people's needs at different levels and across different areas.How do you encourage your team and help bring the best out of their potential?As a leader, I am purposeful in making sure my actions always push the team ahead with positivity and productivity. I help them to bring the best out of their potential by constantly motivating, coaching, and developing their skills, and empowering them to demonstrate courage on the job training. Tell us about some of the milestones of your professional journey.I have successfully delivered the first road map of Brunei. I am one of the pioneers of the first automatic vessel tracking using satellite-based positioning and of the first remote positioning for anchor dropping. I have successfully led Brunei Shell Technical Services for ISO14001 certification on the first attempt. I have been involved in the first stakeholder engagement for Brunei Shell on produced water disposal. And led back to basic project No.14 onshore asset mapping. I have worked purposefully as the team lead for the Seria Flooding and Remediation Project and team member of FRD (Focus Result Delivery) for HSE Data Management. I have been instrumental in conducting a major scale training with the Survey Department of Brunei on Basic Hydrographic Surveys for Brunei government agencies.What is the future destination you are headed towards?I aim to ensure Brunei has its Offshore Geophysical survey data and information concluded as a basis to promote Blue Economy in the country value by bringing in potential foreign investors, creating a high-quality workforce for Bruneian and constantly looking for solutions toward renewable or alternative energy. I also aspire to impart my knowledge through training and free presentations to schools, institutes, and organizations here in Brunei and abroad.
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