| | MARCH 20239IN FOCUSPURESOFTWARE LAUNCHES PARTNERSHIP WITH DATABRICKS TO EMPOWER BUSINESSES TO UNLOCK THE POWER OF INTEGRATED DATA ECOSYSTEMAprominent provider of software products and services, PureSoftware, has announced a partnership with Databricks, a Lakehouse company that specialises in helping businesses to seamlessly combine data and AI to increase the potential of data analytics. The Databricks Cloud Platform is made for enterprises who need a unified view of their data across numerous clouds and hybrid deployments so they can act more quickly and wisely. The platform capabilities of Databricks will be combined by PureSoftware, a Databricks system integration partner, with its knowledge of data and AI to produce an integrated data ecosystem for both multi-cloud and hybrid cloud business models.In addition to managing huge data pipelines to access real-time insights, the partnership will help businesses simplify structural complexities in data governance, data engineering, data sharing, and data science. It will also help businesses make the most of both the worlds of data lakes and data warehouses. The biggest companies in the world have been driv-ing transformation with the help of PureSoftware, a global provider of software products and digital services, across a variety of industries, including banking and financial services, telecom, healthcare, gaming, and entertainment. Globally renowned fi-nancial technology platform Arttha is provided by PureSoftware. It assists companies in adopting digi-tal solutions in the following areas: payments, BNPL, agency/branchless banking, digital lending, consum-er and MSME banking, and merchant management. A 5G platform called Arttha5G from PureSoftware allows businesses to implement digital RF front-end solutions for improved connection.
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