| | OCTOBER 202219SplineAI is an advanced technology company whose mission is todevelop tools and products for Healthcare using Artificial Intelligenceand High Performance Computing platforms.Dr.Spline, our flagship product, it is a next generation Doctor'sAssistant Platform aided by Conversational UI, Natural LanguageProcessing and many Healthcare and Clinical Predictive Analytics.We also develop/deliver Projects, enable Healthcare DevOps andprovide consulting services for our global clients across multipledevelopment platforms over Cloud, On-Prem and Hybridenvironments. We are experts in IoT, 5G, NLP, Deep Learning,Population Healthcare Analytics including FHIR API Migrations.For further details contact:info@spline.ai / www.spline.ai+91-98458 69899 Enabling Healthcare fly in Cloud with the help of AI and Advance Compute
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