| | FEBRUARY 20229BYJU'S, a Edtech Company with 115 million students learning on the platfrm, has acquired the Austria-headquartered GeoGebra. The company is dynamic, interactive and has collaborative mathematics learning tool.GeoGebra, is a rapidly expanding community of over 100 million learners across 195+ countries and brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use format. Mathematical thinking is used in visual processing and GeoGebra's interactive, multilingual, and stimulating learning environment makes math contextual, fun and visual.The acquisition integrates BYJU'S overall product strategy with GeoGebra's capabilities to enable the creation of new product offerings and learning formats to its existing mathematics portfolio. It furthers bring alive BYJU'S aim to make math more engaging, leading to better learning outcomes. This synergy of two like-minded companies will bring comprehensive, personalised and immersive learning experiences to all students."GeoGebra was born out of a passion to help students learn math in a visually appealing and engaging manner. Our shared passion for learning and teaching resonates with BYJU'S, making them a perfect partner for our onward journey. I am confident that this partnership will help millions of students learn mathematics in an interactive way, in turn making them overcome their fear of math and learn to master it," said Markus Hohenwarter, Founder and Developer of GeoGebra. Therefore, GeoGebra will continue to work as an independent unit within the BYJU'S group under the leadership of its Founder and Developer, Markus Hohenwarter. Austrian Company GeoGebra Acquired by BYJU'SIN FOCUSIN FOCUS
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