| | DECEMBER 20238IN FOCUSTOKYO HOSTS SEMICONDUCTOR TRADE SHOWWTW APPOINTS CRB LEADERS FOR SE ASIA AND SINGAPOREIn Tokyo, an international trade exhibition has begun, exhibiting cutting-edge semiconductor technologies and hosting around 960 companies and organizations from Japan and across the globe. This annual event spans three days and is scheduled to conclude. Sony Semiconductor Solutions is actively engaged in showcasing its latest line of image sensors, emphasizing their versatility in diverse applications, including the inspection of food container interiors. Sony asserts that it has leveraged its proprietary technology to develop these compact, high-resolution sensors.At the international trade show in Tokyo, Disco, a precision processing machine manufacturer, is presenting a cutting-edge device capable of slicing silicon wafers to a thickness of one one-hundredth of a millimeter. The company highlights the increasing demand for such slicing technology as chip performance continues to advance.Alongside established firms, startups are actively participating in the exhibition with a focus on attracting students and young individuals to join the chip industry workforce. Despite the growing number of semiconductor plants being constructed in Japan, the industry confronts a shortage of engineers. These startups aim to entice and engage younger talent in the semiconductor sector. WTW has recently made significant leadership changes in its Corporate Risk and Broking (CRB) division for Southeast Asia and Singapore, effective from January 2nd. Rupert Roberts (pictured on the left) is set to take on the role of heading CRB for Southeast Asia, while Christine Lau (pictured on the right) will assume the position of leading CRB in Singapore.In his new capacity, Roberts will collaborate closely with WTW's CRB country leaders across Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam, along with partners in Malaysia and Thailand. His primary objective will be to foster business growth in the Southeast Asia region. Roberts, who joined WTW a year ago as the chief of staff for CRB Asia, brings extensive expertise in retail, wholesale, and specialty insurance segments from both Europe and the Asia Pacific region.Lau, transitioning from her present position as the head of client services in WTW's Singapore CRB division, will concentrate on the expansion of the CRB business in Singapore. Her duties will involve overseeing large accounts and specialized industries while collaborating closely with regional teams. Lau's appointment is supported by more than 25 years of broking experience in Singapore, including a six-year tenure with WTW.Luke Ware, who serves as the head of CRB Asia at WTW, remarked on the diversity and dynamism within the region. He highlighted the varying stages of economic development and the prevalent issue of under-insurance in several markets. Ware stressed the crucial role that both Roberts and Lau will undertake in tackling these challenges. Leveraging their distinct skill sets and industry expertise, they will assist organizations in bolstering their resilience while expanding their operations in Southeast Asia.
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