| | MAY 20233sniplTechnology-powered traceability solution that delivers better value for farmers and empowers consumers through supply chain transparency. No need to carry the soil to the laboratories, can get real-time data such as soil nutrient, pH, electrical conductivity and nutrient concen-tration results instantaneously. Cultivating Technology for GrowthPhone: (+91) 9591732147, 9886403392E-mail: support@sn-ipl.comSolidaridad Network (I) Pvt. Ltd.,401, HVS Court, #22, Cunningham Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560051.www.sn-ipl.comFor more detailsWeather Station Instant Soil AnalyserAcquire accurate weather data can assist farmers in determining when they should work most efficiently in their day-to-day operations. Instant Tea Leaf Quality AnalyserTrace Supply Chain of the ProductAutomates the process of grading tea leaves with respect to quality specified by the factory or estate which complies with the Tea Board standards. SCANCASTORPOWERED BYNetwork India Pvt LtdFarmer AppAgent AppDriver AppProductFactory AppNUMBER 425340
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