| |DECEMBER 20238IN FOCUSThe two-day Climate and Energy Transition Finance Summit (CETFiS) concluded on November 29th. Hosted by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and the G20 India secretariat in collaboration with the Green Hydrogen Organization, the summit gathered global leaders and industry experts to outline a transformative route for climate finance. With 200 participants involved, the event led to the formulation of the Delhi Message on Climate Finance, released ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's attendance at the UN Climate Conference COP28 in Dubai. Put forth by the Green Hydrogen Organization and its associates in India, the Delhi Message presents a five-point strategy for funding the green hydrogen economy.The shift away from fossil fuels demands an unprecedented influx of capital, yet it also presents significant opportunities to engage capital markets with appropriate financial solutions. Ahead of the Forum, Amitabh Kant, G20 sherpa, emphasized the critical nature of the Climate and Energy Transition Finance Summit organized by the Green Hydrogen Organisation in addressing global climate change commitments. The Green Hydrogen Organisation, a prominent global non-profit advocating for green hydrogen adoption, announced ProClime as their carbon partner in India. ProClime will be instrumental in advancing climate action initiatives.Discussing the dynamics of energy transition, Jonas Moberg, CEO of the Green Hydrogen Organization, expressed admiration for the ambitious plans of numerous Indian companies aiming to lead in the production of green hydrogen, green ammonia, and other eco-friendly fuels on the international stage. Stressing the urgency of transitioning to sustainable energy sources, Moberg highlighted the partnership with ProClime as integral to their vision of integrating Carbon Markets into India's GH2 domain. Recognizing the necessity for substantial investments and innovative financial mechanisms to drive climate action, Moberg emphasized the significance of collaboration as a core objective.Waaree Technologies, the energy storage arm of Mumbai's Waaree Group, has entered a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Israel's 3DBattery. Their collaboration seeks to develop and manufacture cutting-edge energy storage solutions utilizing 3DBattery's lithium-ion and forthcoming sodium-ion technology. 3DBattery specializes in advanced lithium-ion battery cells, catering to various applications like electric vehicles, micro-mobility, stationary, and renewable energy. Waaree Technologies aims to emerge as India's foremost 'Cell to System' technology firm, providing dependable, cost-effective, and top-notch energy storage solutions.The collaboration between the partners intends to utilize Waaree's manufacturing strengths alongside 3DBattery's robust research and development capacities within the renewable energy storage sector. This partnership will empower Waaree Technologies to domestically produce high-performing, rechargeable energy storage solutions, thereby significantly enhancing the company's standing within India's and the global new energy sector.Kirit Doshi, Chairman & MD of Waaree Technologies, expressed enthusiasm about 3DBattery joining as a partner. He highlighted the considerable research and development capabilities of 3DBattery and emphasized that, in conjunction with Waaree's expertise in manufacturing new energy solutions, it promises to revolutionize energy storage. By harnessing 3DBattery's groundbreaking lithium-ion and sodium-ion battery technology, Waaree aims to establish capacities for producing 5GWh of battery cells. Recognizing the increasing awareness regarding the necessity to diversify supply chains and reduce reliance on a single source, the ability to create India's first fully domestically manufactured next-generation battery system holds significant importance. GREEN HYDROGEN ORGANIZATION NAMES PROCLIME AS INDIA PARTNER AT CETFISWAAREE TECH TEAMS UP WITH ISRAEL'S 3DBATTERY FOR ADVANCED BATTERIES
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