| | JANUARY 20236C O NT R IB U T O R SCybercriminals: Who are they & How do they use Malware?Technology Reshaping the Future of HealthcareConsumer Electronics Industry : Adapting the New DynamicsHow today's Digital Economy has Transformed the way Industries & Organisations OperateImportance of Leadership During Tempestuous TimesTechnology Key to Global Travel RecoveryAnthony Webb, Vice President International, A10 NetworksSharon Chan, Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation ­ JLABS Asia PacificVikas Chadha, CEO, Jumbo GroupAditya Arora, CEO, TeleperformanceNisha Parikh, VP ­ HR & Marketing, TelebuRohit Chennamaneni, Co-Founder, DarwinboxEXPERTS TALKTHOUGHT LEADERSHIP301812224048ARUN SALIGRAMA,GENERAL MANAGER - ASIA NASMYTH ASIA26FRANS WIWANTO,MD-APAC,FLYWIRE28PROF. STEVE YAP ,COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE DIRECTOR,DSY WELLNESS AND LONGEVITY GROUPRAHUL SRIVASTAVA,CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER,ISON TECHNOLOGIES3634TUNG NGUYEN,DIRECTOR HEAD OF BUSINESS, JNT CONSULTANCY & SERVICES44ZION GRAGASIN,FOUNDER & PRINCIPAL ARCHITECTZG ARCHITECTS46PROMINENT BUSINESS LEADERS IN ASIA - 2023TOP 10
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