| | JUNE 20239IN FOCUSMIDDLE EAST FIRM INVESTCORP ACQUIRES LEADING CHINESE MANUFACTURER SHANDONG JIANUO ELECTRONICS The acquisition of a controlling position in Shandong Jianuo Electronics Co. Ltd. ("Jianuo") by Investcorp, a leading worldwide alternative investment firm, has been completed. Jianuo is a leading provider of specialty premium components used in fast-growing high-end applications such as electric vehicle power management, battery charging infrastructure, solar and wind power generation, and 5G base station infrastructure, based in Shandong Province and China's Greater Bay Area.Jianuo is ideally positioned to capitalise on the domestic and international push for energy transition, decarbonization, and more automation. It has established itself as a highly regarded R&D and advanced manufacturing partner to a diverse set of worldwide providers of alternative energy solutions, including those in the United States, Europe, and Japan.Commenting on the acquisition, Hazem Ben-Gacem, Co-CEO of Investcorp, said: "The shift to a low-carbon economy will create entirely new industries and value chains within the next five to 15 years, and Jianuo is right at the heart of that evolving trend. This acquisition reflects our strategy of investing in innovative and growing mid-sized companies and offering investors high-quality alternative investment opportunities in future-focused industries that are key to the global energy transition efforts. This acquisition marks our first control buyout in China. Investcorp is pleased to partner with Jianuo and to leverage our long-standing global expertise in elevating family-run businesses into institutionally managed global players."Duncan Zheng, Head of Private Equity China at Investcorp, added: "We look forward to partnering with Jianuo's founders, management and over 400 employees as we embark on the next phase of Jianuo's growth journey. Jianuo is well-positioned to expand and deepen its strong relationships with leading global renewable energy players through its extensive R&D capabilities and proprietary manufacturing know-how in producing innovative specialty components". | | JUNE 20239
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