| | JUNE 20238IN FOCUSSTRAIVE NAMES ANKOR RAI AS CEODABEEO INKS MOU FOR MONITORING PALM OIL PLANTATION IN MALAYSIAAnkor Rai, a seasoned data technology leader, has been named as Straive's new CEO. Straive (previously known as SPI Global) is a leader in providing technology-driven data/AI solutions for EdTech, Research, and Information Services to top worldwide organisations. BPEA EQT, a subsidiary of the EQT Group and a purpose-driven global investment company that specialises in active ownership techniques, is the owner of Straive.Ratan Datta, who oversaw Straive for more than ten years, the last seven as President and CEO, is succeeded by Ankor. Ratan will continue to serve on Straive's board of directors and take on the responsibilities of vice chairman beginning on May 1st in order to assist in the changeover to Ankor.Ankor joins Straive from EXL, where he held the positions of Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer and was a member of the Executive Committee. Ankor has developed high-impact solutions for Fortune 1000 firms across North America, the UK, and Asia for more than 20 years, driving the creation of high-value data-led tech businesses. Ankor assisted EXL in transforming its analytics division from a specialised practise to a full-stack powerhouse. "Over the last 15 years, Ratan has greatly influenced the company's growth and diversification. The transformation he has brought in the company's strategy and structure leaves Straive positioned well for the future. On behalf of our Board of Directors, I would like to thank Ratan for his exceptional leadership at Straive. Ankor brings an outstanding track record of building customer-centric data, analytics, and AI businesses to service clients across sectors and geographies. I am excited to welcome Ankor to the firm, and I look forward to working with Ankor, complemented by our talented leadership team, to take Straive to new heights", said Josh Blair, Chairman of the Board. To monitor palm tree farms in Malaysia, Dabeeo Inc., a geospatial information technology business based on AI, has declared its intention to provide AI analysis technology employing ultra-precision (30cm-level) satellite photos.On April 28, 2023, Dabeeo and Saba Legend, a Malaysian GIS business, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the goal of regularly monitoring tree health and quickly recognising malnourished palm trees through technical cooperation.The 300km2 palm oil plantation, which has partnered with Saba Legend, is roughly the size of 42,000 football fields. By utilising Dabeeo's AI technology, the two businesses will collaboratively look for chances to investigate precision farming in an effort to reduce the time and expense associated with maintaining a large-scale farm.Using a particular band (Red-NIR) of satellite pictures, Dabeeo previously conducted an investigation of specific plantation regions to generate NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index), a representative indicator of vegetation status.Based on this experience, Dabeeo intends to use its AI analysis technology in future partnerships to analyse the vegetation indices of palm trees using 30-centimeter-level ultra-precise satellite images at regular intervals, visualise the related data, and deliver it to the farm, helping to support the operations of palm oil plantations.Mohamed Ishaber Hassan, CEO of Saba Legend, said, "Managing and monitoring a large palm oil farm requires a great amount of labor and time. We are very optimistic with Dabeeo corporations, given that Sabah is a land mass state in Malaysia where 68 percent is covered with forest. The efficient management using Dabeeo's technology and satellite images will be highly conducive to the management of palm oil productivity. We hope that it can also lead to further discussions for the carbon markets.
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