| | AUGUST 20233www.alix.my.comArtist's impressionArtist's impressionSALES GALLERYA5-G1-2, Level G1, Menara 1 Dutamas, Block A5Solaris Dutamas, No.1, Jalan Dutamas 150480 Kuala LumpurA distinctive development by TA Global Bhd 200801027528 (828855-P) The holding company of TA Properties Sdn Bhd 199101005140 (215450-W) Developer: Orchard Park Sdn Bhd 199201003685 (235189-H) (a subsidiary of TA Properties Sdn Bhd)Type (Carpark) - Type A1 Dual Key: 1,615 sf (2) Price: RM1,451,888 ­ RM1,605,888 , Type A2 Dual Key: 1,938 sf (2) Price: RM1,723,888 ­ RM1,878,888 , Type A3: 2,476 sf (3) Price: RM2,214,888 ­ RM2,369,888 , Type A3(G) : 4,381 sf (4) Price: RM3,873,888 , Penthouse 1: 6,544 sf (4) Price: RM5,551,888 , Penthouse 2: 4,865 sf (4) Price: RM4,287,888 · Tower B: 164 units (Condominium) · Unit Type (Carpark) ­ Type B1: 1,744 sf (2) Price: RM1,551,888 ­ RM1,646,888 , Type B2 Dual Key: 1,819 sf (2) Price: RM1,621,888 ­ RM1,716,888 , Type B2(G) Dual Key: 3,552 sf (3) Price: RM3,176,888 , Type B3: 1,012 sf (2) Price: RM918,888 ­ RM1,013,888 , Type B4: 1,485 sf (2) Price: RM1,339,888 ­ RM1,434,888 · Bumiputera Discount: 5%Whilst every effort is made to provide accurate and complete information, Orchard Park Sdn Bhd 199201003685 (235189-H) does not warrant or represent that the information in this document whether in print or electronic mail ("Document") is free from errors or omissions or is suitable for your intended use. The Developer shall not be held liable for any error, misrepresentation or changes. Photographs and illustrations used in this Document are not intended to be representation of fact and are artist's impression only, intended for indicative purposes to be interpreted as a visual aid only. Orchard Park Sdn Bhd 199201003685 (235189-H) and its sales agents make no representation through this Document as to the concept and design elements, appearance of dwelling, layout and the usage of space, dwelling mix and overall master plan layout. Prospective purchasers should make their own inspections and enquiries and seek their own professional advice on all aspects of the proposed development at ALIX Residences, before entering into a contract of sale. The information contained in this Document shall not form part of an offer or contract. The above matters may be subject to variations, modifications and substitution as may be recommended by the Developer's consultant and/or required by the relevant Approving Authorities: This advertisement has been approved by the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing & Local Government. A Living Expressionof LuxuryDiscover 364 freehold residential units, carefully curated among a wealth of first-class amenities and family-friendly facilities, all designed to elevate your lifestyle to new heights. Immerse yourself in an exclusive oasis that exudes sophistication and style, crafted with the discerning home seeker in mind. Located in a vibrant, multicultural neighborhood, ALIX Residences offers unparalleled connectivity to everything you desire. COMPLETING IN 2024
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