A Mixed Bag of Challenges & Opportunities


Hardcore football lovers will never forget the German national football teams unbeaten run in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. After a killing 7-1 victory against Brazil in the semifinals, Germany brought Argentina to their knees in a nailbiting final that they went on to win 1-0 in extra time. But the real hero, the 12th man, was big data analytics during their dream run in the world cup. Using SAP HANA, Germany recognized their average ball possession time and reduced it from 3.4 seconds to 1.1 seconds. If big data analytics can help win the world cup in 2014, imagine what it can achieve now.

As big data has become bulk data over the years, datadriven solutions are transforming businesses worldwide, especially in the marketing industry. The possibilities are truly limitless. For instance, if you run a small retail clothing outlet and wonder how data analytics can help a small-timer like me, you would be surprised. Thanks to cheaper surveillance cameras, the world is flooded with visual content. Retail businesses, daily, generate tons of video footage and images, which are often only used for security applications. You can revolutionize your retail business by obtaining objective data from subjective visuals collected by the CCTV infrastructure. Visual Data Analytics helps businesses analyze their visual content to derive powerful insights and trends.

With the doorway data analytics has opened to personalized marketing, Chief Marketing Officers and other marketing leaders have opened themselves to a mixed bag of opportunities and challenges. This special issue of CEO Insights Asia is dedicated to recognizing some of the marketing thought leaders in Singapore.

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