CSOs Might Need to Master New Skills


Sujith Vasudevan, Managing EditorThe role of a strategy head has always been under the dynamic process of evolution. Today, this change is happening in shuteye time and is even more dynamic. Chief Strategy Officers (CSO), especially the ones who are trying to create headway in the industry, need to comprehend the fact that the skill sets and traits tech teams require have changed dramatically over the course of the pandemic alone, let alone the constant change following the dynamic technology upgrades. Creating a company's vision, communicating the plan with the stakeholders, executing the business initiatives, and sustaining implementation efforts have all different dimensions today, given the change in the role of technology, hybrid work culture, and different metrics used to measure success, among others.

IT, merely a facilitation infrastructure a few years ago, has now transformed into a cornerstone that facilitates strategy conveyance & executions, day-to-day operations, client engagements, and more. In the aftermath of this, it's high time CSOs adapt their strategy to match the hybrid work culture and coordinate with stakeholders without having them near. It brings enormous challenges. The curious case of cyber threats is a solid example.

However, CSOs will continue to be the silent productivity hackers and drivers of business transformation. Well, it also means that a modern-day CSO needs to know more than the business and processes. They need to have decisive acumen for technology and digital transformation. The traits like emotional intelligence and communication skills will guide them further forward in the success path. In this special issue, we unfold the stories of some of the highly successful modern-day CSOs in Asia.

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