Cyber Attacks Increase in UAE


The Emirates is looking forward to diversifying its oil-based economy into everything from technology to sports and tourism is a deliberate attempt toward realizing a new vision and setting a new image. Advancement in the technology business is a big part of this vision. The advanced digital economy and widespread technology adoption in the workplace made the country’s existing cyber vulnerabilities irresistible to attackers. According to a survey by Cybereason, 84 percent of UAE companies paid the ransom in these attacks, which is more than 20 percent higher than the global average. Of the companies exposed, 90 percent experienced a second ransomware attack, and 59 percent found their data corrupted.

With a dynamically growing technology landscape, sufficing the constant need to digitally transform organizations, especially while the hybrid work culture prevails, is arduous, to say nothing of the constant need to improve customer experience. Unfortunately, it’s a perfect milieu for cyber-attackers to thrive.

According to a report, the Asia-Pacific region faced the maximum number of cyberattacks for the second consecutive year in 2022, accounting for 31 percent of all incidents remediated worldwide. In particular, Dubai’s well-diversified and service-oriented economy is on course to a robust economic growth of 3.0 percent in 2023 on the back of continued strong momentum in most key sectors. To reap the benefits, it is imperative that you build a safer atmosphere around your business by securing the services of cybersecurity specialists.

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