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With the popularity of generative AI, ChatGPT quickly became a hot topic. But it also attracted much criticism for generating unreliable and biased search results. According to some interesting media reports, some renowned poets are of the opinion that "ChatGPT is pretty bad at poetry." But this does not mean that all AI systems are bad at literature. The AI lab of INSEAD Singapore—one of the top universities in Singapore, has created some applications that use strict rules to make better and more trustworthy search results than ChatGPT.

TotoPoetry is an application that can create poems using a rulebased AI method. It was made by the INSEAD AI lab called TotoGEO, which Philip M. Parker, an INSEAD professor of management science, leads. He says that his lab's algorithms have done three things that no one else has done before (1) they have written the longest poem in the world, (2) they have made the first complete dictionary with definitions of different types of poetry, and (3) they have produced the biggest collection of poems by the same source. Founded in 1999, INSEAD offers a full-time Master of Business Administration, an Executive MBA (EMBA), a Master of Finance, a Ph.D. in management, a Master in Management, Business Foundations Post-Graduate degrees, and executive education programs. In addition to Singapore, INSEAD (Institut Européen d'Administration des Affaires), which was established in 1957 in Europe (France), has campuses in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates), and North America (San Francisco).

We dedicate this issue to the prestigious alumni of INSEAD.

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