Endpoint Security is Still a Challenge


The dynamic technology landscape and the emergence of the hybrid work culture trend have created an increasing need to transform organizations digitally. Make no mistake, getting the digital transformation right is arduous, to say nothing of the constant need to improve customer experience. But these two aspects within the organization create an explosive environment as it’s a perfect milieu for cyber-attackers to thrive. While the exponential growth of the internet and cloud and IT industry became a silver lining to the pandemic, the cyber attackers unleashed themselves on this opportunity, and the consequences were catastrophic.

According to an IDC forecast, global security spending will reach $219 billion this year and grow to nearly $300 billion in 2026. It’s no rocket science that, regardless of the size of your business, there is always the sword of Damocles hanging over organizations. It would help if you built a safer atmosphere around your business by securing the services of cybersecurity specialists.

On the flip side, organizations don’t have the luxury of trial & error in marketing. Today, marketers must turn to the most reliable source of information: Customer data. By now, we all know that Data helps to gain better clarity about the target audience and equips organizations with the ability to build stronger connections with potential customers. Most importantly, when the entire consumer market demands unique experiences with every transaction, marketers can offer consumers personalized suggestions relevant to them. This leads to higher conversion rates, greater customer loyalty, more new customers, increased customer satisfaction, and more. Modern-day leaders need to perfect all these aspects to keep sailing. On this note, we present this yearly special issue.

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