Make Use of the Power of Data


In 2023, the Philippine economy is estimated to be at ₱24.27 trillion ($435.67 billion), making it the world's 34th largest by nominal GDP and 14th largest in Asia according to the International Monetary Fund. With the prevailing hybrid work culture on one side and the dynamically growing technology landscape on the othe r, corporate organizations in the c ountry have their hands full. The term ‘business continuity’ has acquired multiple dimensions in the aftermath of the pandemic. On the other hand, the increasing cyberthreat landscape takes it a bit far, making it almost inevitable to amass all the help you can get. According to cybersecurity company Kaspersky, the Philippines ranks second among countries that saw the most cyberattacks worldwide last year amid the increased use of digital platforms due to the c oronavirus pandemic.

Given the new climate, it’s no wonder that the primarily client-driven consulting sector has had to adapt to new service methods, structure, technology, and operation. The once labor-intensive business consulting sector is now being digitalized. They provide extra support to organizations with the power of data regarding everything from sales to customers, operations, and supply chains. A little bit of help from the experts outside could go a long w ay in e nsuring business c ontinuity.

On the other hand, organizations face the ridiculous pace of technology and the need to set their shop up in the digital world. Then again, subject matter expertise and knowledge are of paramount importance when it comes to the digital transformation of a business. Consultancies would add value by using AI and analytical tools and offering quantifiable results, combining domain knowledge with technology to provide products and solutions.

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