Malaysia's Compliance Landscape is Evolving Rapidly


Sujith Vasudevan, Managing EditorThe Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI) in Malaysia recently launched a series of micro-conferences, MYStartup NXT, as part of the efforts to create an inclusive, impactful, and sustainable startup ecosystem in the country. Indeed, Malaysia already has a thriving startup ecosystem, thanks to everything from the country’s key location to access to sea routes with modernized ports, the development of private entrepreneurship, and a developed social market economy.

However, creating an anecdote of startup success and prolonging that success for the future are not the same things. Given the prevailing cut-throat competition across markets, scandals, financial crises, and the globalization of anything & everything could create stumbling blocks in your organization’s journey, not to mention the dynamic and swiftly evolving compliance landscape. Compliance is increasingly becoming a facet of continuing success stories.

Ethical guidance and long-term risk management are paramount, whether it is a startup or an established organization. Hence, the role of a Chief Compliance Officer has become increasingly important and complex while undergoing a lot of transformation over the past few years, especially in a growing ecosystem like Malaysia’s. In truth, organizations across the world now need CCOs to manage the compliance department similarly to operational units and, in turn, directly contribute to organizational growth. In this issue, we shed light on a few CCOs who lead by example. We dedicate this special issue to the CCOs in Malaysia.

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