The Best Graduation Day Ever


The best education always stems from an environment that ideally balances the freedom and discipline of students. Too much freedom and too much discipline can ruin the educational experience for students. While students are expected to maintain certain decorums within the campus throughout their academic journey, Kyoto University, Japan, lets it all go for a single day—the graduation day. The result? Getting up on a stage and getting awarded for completing a degree at the end of some of the most chaotic & fantastic few years in their lives became a joy to all.

After the permit was greenlit, an unofficial ritual was set in the university where students would come to the ceremony in bizarre cosplays. This makes the annual event not only a highlight for the students but also an exciting one for the students' relatives, who are also invited to the event. In truth, the ritual was first set in stone by Tokyo University, after which Kyoto followed suit. Traditionally, students in Japanese universities wear suits, dresses, or women's classic hakama kimonos. However, the change in regime at Kyoto University allowed its students to express their fun side while receiving their prized graduate degrees.

Founded in 1897, Kyoto University is one of the former Imperial Universities and the second oldest university in Japan. Since its establishment at the end of the 19th century, Kyoto University has had numerous alumni associations formed to serve the graduates of its individual faculties, graduate schools, institutes, and academic programs. Kyoto University Alumni (KUA) was formed in November 2006 as the first University-wide alumni association. We dedicate this special issue to the prestigious alumni of Kyoto University.

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