The Future of Advertising is Here


Japan’s GDP is projected to grow by 1.3 percent in 2023 and 1.1 percent in 2024, mainly driven by domestic demand. We can’t blame organizations for expecting their advertisers to find new avenues to penetrate the market, hit the right nerves, and create the right, time-relevant image for brands. Remember, traditionally, an advertiser’s job role was built around corporate advertising, branding, and customer outreach. Today, marketing & advertising leaders must use technology to the fullest extent to come out of this challenge all guns blazing.

The marketing and advertising paradigms have undergone sea changes over the years, largely owing thanks to data and analytics. Customer data today is the most reliable source of information that powers marketing decisions. However, with big data becoming bulk data, marketing professionals have their challenges cut out. Having a large number of data sources at your disposal makes pulling the relevant data together a difficult challenge. Organizations yet to invest a severe amount in an in-house data team are not in for a treat.

The advertising agencies will have to tread unchartered territories, working more collaboratively with technology departments. While working closely with technology & UI/UX teams, marketing heads must focus heavily on external marketing dynamics, customer needs, and general buyer behavior while ensuring technology interventions wherever possible. This special issue is an endeavour to tell you some of the unique stories from the advertising industry that will kindle your inspiration nerves.

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