The Perfect Cure Starts from Accurate Diagnostics


The Dubai health authorities recently conducted a dental health survey among students, leading to some disturbing findings. According to the reports, around 85 percent of children in Dubai suffer from dental caries (tooth decay) by the time they reach 12 years old. The survey also found that 72 percent of children in Dubai have gingivitis—a form of gum disease. Furthermore, the report reveals that only around 28 percent of children in Dubai brush their teeth twice daily, which is the recommended frequency for good oral hygiene.

It’s important to understand that dental hygiene is mandatory not only for children but also for adults. If dental health is not enough motivation, studies show that deterioration in oral health could be due to a much larger health issue. Recent studies into how saliva can identify warning signs of cardiovascular disease by spotting the number of white blood cells in an oral rinse is the latest example of how our mouths can reflect our overall health. A few months ago, scientists at the University of Western Ontario in Canada found inflammation leading up to periodontitis – or gum disease – was linked to less healthy arteries and a potentially higher risk of cardiovascular disease, even in healthy young adults.

However, the UAE is blessed to have excellent dental care infrastructure. In a recent interview with CEO Insights Asia, Dr.Pratik Premjani, a Specialist Orthodontist at DentisTree Dental Clinic, shed some light on the importance of diagnosis. He says, “Accurate diagnosis is paramount in our approach. We utilize CBCT machines for detailed 3D imaging, akin to X-rays but in three dimensions, providing comprehensive insights into the patient's condition. Additionally, digital scanning of the teeth aids in meticulous treatment planning.” While prevention is always better than cure, the perfect cure starts from accurate diagnostics. We dedicate this yearly special issue to the dentists in the UAE.

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