What Does It Take to be a Modern day People Officer?


Indonesia's digital and technology sector is still evolving, but the demand for hiring people in commercial, operational, and technical roles has slowed down. Companies are now more careful about adding new staff for essential positions or replacing vacancies. Segments such as fintech, digital banking, e-Commerce, local conglomerates, SME startups, and Web3 companies are growing exponentially and are evident in the hiring heat map. Also, industries like cyber risk and GRC are in high demand because of new local regulations emphasizing technology risk management.

Today, this change is happening in shut-eye time in the country. Chief People Officers, especially those trying to create headway, need to comprehend that the skill sets and traits HR teams require have changed dramatically over the course of the pandemic alone, let alone the constant change in accordance with the dynamic technology upgrades.

The digital transformation has changed the way organizations, and people think and work. People officers have to adjust their strategy to suit the hybrid work culture. Also, taking care of people's emotional needs is not optional. It is challenging, but technology can help. People Analytics helps HR leaders use data to make smart talent decisions, improve workforce processes, and promote positive employee experience. Additionally, a modern-day people officer must know more than the normal HR functions. They need to have decisive acumen for technology and digital transformation. Emotional intelligence and communication skills are other critical traits that will help them advance in their success journey.

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