Ana Victoria: Dynamic Visionary Pioneering Positive Change In Emerging Markets


In the contemporary business realm, it is essential for leaders to stay agile, foster collaboration, and embrace emerging technologies to thrive. Ana Victoria, a respected leader in the financial investment industry, epitomizes these qualities through her extensive professional background and experiences. With nearly 12 years of immersion in the dynamic landscape, Ana's ascent has been marked by the steady accumulation of expertise and the unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Her professional journey commenced in Indonesia as an intern at the largest FX brokerage firm. From those nascent beginnings, she embarked on a voyage of relentless growth, deftly navigating a path that led her from intern to marketing staff, assistant manager, manager to senior business manager, and beyond. Today she is the Regional Director of Inter Pan – one of the largest brokerage companies in Indonesia and Asia.

Guided by the adage that the best things in life are free and the second-best things are expensive, she cultivated a reputation for tackling challenges head-on and turning them into stepping stones to her goals. Today, Ana's leadership narrative continues to unfold, reaching new pinnacles as she spearheads regional expansions across Southeast Asia. Her journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and a source of inspiration for emerging leaders. CEO Insights ASIA is excited to interview this inspiring leader.

What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?

My motivation comes from a simple yet profound outlook: work smart, value what's priceless, and invest in what truly matters. I've always been a go-getter with a drive to achieve big, early in life, paving the way for an early retirement. This mindset fuels my daily routines, while my innate interest in numbers and business keeps me inspired in the dynamic world of finance.

How would you define Inter Pan as an organization and its current position in the market?

Inter Pan stands as the premier and most enduring forex trading and investment brokerage firm since its inception in 1989. A legacy spanning of over 30 years, it exudes a rich history and unwavering repute. My early stint as an intern there was a pivotal chapter, endowing me with profound industry insights and the privilege of aligning with a reputable entity. In the present, Inter Pan maintains its vanguard status as the eldest and largest player, radiating its influence across Southeast Asia, a beacon of optimism and growth. My aspiration remains to amplify this trajectory through my continued contribution.

At the heart of our distinctiveness lies trust, a currency that fuels our service and reputation. As the industry's eldest pillar, we've cultivated this trust over three decades, cherishing and safeguarding our reputation. Vital to our clients is the safety of their funds, a commitment upheld by our full licensure as a brokerage investment firm. Seamlessly facilitating transactions further sets us apart, ensuring swift, secure deposits and withdrawals, locally and internationally. This compelling synergy of safety and feasibility fuels our exponential growth, drawing attention of investors who seek assurance and simplicity in using the services.

Highlight some of the initial challenges you faced in your journey to success.

Starting my career in 2000’s, I confronted doubts about my experience and capabilities head-on. In a realm where experience and networks hold immense value, I immersed myself in a sea of learning, absorbing market dynamics, and arming myself with the necessary tools to stand confidently alongside seasoned industry experts. As my career progressed, I encountered another layer of complexity – gender bias in a male-dominated field. Yet, I remained resolute, breaking through social stigmas and stereotypes. Through unwavering dedication and exceptional performance, I demonstrated that competence and ambition know no gender boundaries.

"Follow your passion relentlessly, persist in the face of rejection & let confidence be your guiding light"

Starting young and overcoming challenges as a female leader. What key qualities shaped your leadership style over the years?

Confidence tops the list, emanating through demeanor and resourcefulness. Integrity, crucial in sensitive financial discussions, follows closely. These values echo through my team, fostering trust and embodying the company's essence. While we lack a uniform system due to diverse work cultures, our cohesive teams are our bedrock. Take Myanmar, for instance. Building there, and overcoming language barriers demanded diligent recruitment, training, and nurturing loyalty. This synergy has bred a remarkable connection, where we trust them to uphold our values and drive the business forward, making our sales and marketing team the true spearhead.

Looking ahead to the horizon of your professional journey, what goals do you envision?

As I contemplate the long arc of my professional journey, my forthcoming goals center on expanding my reach. In the upcoming year, I'm setting my sights on launching two new offices, one of which is already in motion. The location for the second is still under deliberation, adding a touch of anticipation. My priority is to replicate the formation of robust, cohesive teams within these expansions. Parallel to this, I'm excited to embark on the launch of my own investment consulting firm, a venture that perfectly complements my current role in the brokerage sector, driven by a keen response to client needs. I am excited to announce the official launch of AVAGOLD, my Gold Trading Advisory Firm, where we provide online gold trading services (consultation, advisory, signals, and fund management option.

Ana Victoria, Regional Director, Inter Pan

Passionate about driving positive financial change in emerging markets and empowering investors about smart trading. With 12 years of experience as a Investment Consultant specializing in XAUUSD, Ana's formidable skills span P&L management, compliance, and strategic growth. Her Eastern and Western cultural insights, coupled with her dynamic leadership, make her a distinguished leader in the financial realm.

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