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Ashoka Singh Bhati, Chief Financial, Officer NHC GroupBoasting a quarter of a century legacy, over a million square feet area developed through nearly 40 projects, and close to 3000 happy families, Mahaavir Universal Homes Pvt. Ltd. has long become a household name in Mumbai. The company has been successful in welding its name with the quality of deliverable, overwhelming service experience, transparency in engagements, timely delivery, and satisfying customer expectations. The credit goes to Bhanwarlal Chhajer, the founder & CMD of Mahaavir Universal, one of the most reputed leaders in the city’s real estate industry. With strong dedication and a burning vision, Chhajer has made the company what it is today, standing out among its peers. A perceptive and innovative approach enveloped with core understanding; he ensures giving prominence to every little detail when it comes to Mahaavir Universal Homes. Chhajer is also a well-known philanthropist who strongly believes in giving back to the community.

In 2013, the group started ‘MVC Senior Secondary school’ in (Kushal Vatika) Barmer, Rajasthan, following an inclusive vision. CEO Insights is delighted to have engaged in an exclusive conversation with this visionary.

You shifted to Mumbai in 1967. How did this journey begin, and how has been this long journey so far?

I originally started my professional journey in the textile industry by manufacturing fabric. We later expanded our business from Mumbai to Bhiwandi, Malegaon, Ichalkaranji, Erode & Tripur.

I started my journey in the real estate industry by providing financing to the real estate segment. As a few years passed by, gradually, some of my friends motivated me to start my journey as a developer. We kept on expanding and diversifying our businesses. In 1991, my sons Omprakash & Ashok Chhajer entered the new business of Edible Oil Refinery under the name Sarvodaya Refinery Pvt. Ltd. in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. After six years, we entered the construction business under ‘Chhajer Group.’ Later, in 2001, we rebranded our construction business as ‘Mahaavir Universal Homes'. In 2013, we also started ‘MVC Senior Secondary School’ in (Kushal Vatika) Barmer, Rajasthan.

How would you define Mahaavir Universal Homes and its position in the market? Also, how does your company differentiate itself from the competition?

Mahaavir has created its benchmark by always maintaining its quality of construction. We believe in taking small steps and great strides, and hence we make everything we do an experience of excellence. We have journeyed in this industry, and the incredible volume that we have built is a sign of the deep passion and expertise that we have in our field. Today we have several distinguished properties to our credit in the areas like Navi Mumbai & Raigad. Mahaavir has been consistently creating a line of high standards in living lifestyle and workspaces, building a positive aura to energize and revitalize the living. Today we have earned the reputation of builders with the highest brand equity in terms of business ethics.

"Opportunities are in every sector if you can innovate something different, you must not accept what is available today you must think about what could be better, that is opportunities"

What is your success mantra?

I always respect my clients, try to understand their requirements to the last detail, and invest great efforts in fulfilling them.

As the Director, how are you developing strategies to accomplish the company’s vision of creating exceptional value through its projects?

By bringing up such projects that can realize one’s dream home with all kinds of latest amenities and a friendly environment. Our mantra is ‘Perfection Since Inception'. Our creations evolve from our perception of quality infrastructure. We anticipate the future needs and requirements of our target segment, thus providing exclusive living spaces that have warmth & comfort in abundance—structures that stand the test of time, experiences that remain for a lifetime. We are one of the first companies to introduce affordable luxury to Navi Mumbai and have played a major role in transforming the skyline of Navi Mumbai with archetypes of vivacity. We cater to customers from all segments & income groups. That’s how Mahaavir has emerged as one of the largest, most trusted developers in Navi Mumbai.

Going forward, what are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate and the opportunities you foresee as a leader?

I would say that covid has changed a person’s mentality completely. Owning a home has become the priority. So, the real estate sector has a wide scope in the future. The group is looking forward to becoming a major player in developing Residential, Commercial, and Township projects and increasing its presence in key cities in India.

Ashoka Singh Bhati, Chief Financial, Officer NHC Group

From accounting to management, Ashoka has proved his competency at every level of his career. Being the CFO of NHC Group, Ashoka Singh Bhati is working towards achieving corporate milestones for his firm by skilfully formulating financial policies.

• Hobbies: Technology

• Favorite Cuisine: Desi Indian

• Favorite Book: Seven Srimad Bhagwat Geeta

• Favorite Travel Destination: Sri Tirupati

Awards & Recognition:

• Student Helping award 1990,

• Free medical camp 1997,

• Highest accounting entries 2000,

• Best employee of the year 2009,

• Best community helper 2012,

• Best Account manager 2013.

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