Adnan Zahoor: A Trailblazer In The Steel Industry, Spearheading Growth & Transformation At New Shalimar Steel Industries

Adnan Zahoor: A Trailblazer In The Steel Industry, Spearheading Growth & Transformation At New Shalimar Steel Industries

Adnan Zahoor , Chief Operating Officer

Adnan Zahoor

Chief Operating Officer

The steel industry, known for its fast-paced and competitive nature, places immense importance on the presence of strategic insights and astute decision-making skills among its leaders. These qualities empower leaders to successfully navigate intricate market dynamics, seize valuable opportunities, and optimize resource allocation. By staying attuned to industry trends, adapting swiftly to changing conditions, and consistently making well-informed choices, these leaders drive sustainable growth and secure a strong competitive advantage. Adnan Zahoor serves as a prime example of a leader who possesses strategic insights and astute decisionmaking skills, successfully steering organizations within the steel industry toward prosperity, innovation, and profitability amidst a continuously evolving business landscape.

Adnan Zahoor - FCCA, a remarkable leader and forward-thinker, currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer at New Shalimar Steel Industries. His steadfast dedication to excellence and extensive knowledge of the steel industry has been instrumental in driving the company to unprecedented levels of accomplishment and expansion.

Below is an excerpt of Adnan Zahoor’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights ASIA magazine.

How has your professional journey been so far?

I began my professional journey by joining an esteemed accounts and audit firm in London Canary Wharf while pursuing my ACCA. After completing my ACCA, I had the privilege of assuming the role of owner/director in my family business. Recognizing the importance of staying updated, I continuously acquired additional qualifications to align with the evolving business landscape. As a firm believer in the perpetuity of learning, I strive to expand my knowledge base.

I joined New Shalimar Steel Industries in 2010 as the Director of Account & Audit and was Group Finance Director before becoming Chief Operating Officer. Furthermore, with a steadfast commitment to professionalism and a solid pursuit of excellence, I have developed myself as a formidable force in the finance and business spheres.

With a steadfast commitment to professionalism & a solid pursuit of excellence, I have developed myself as a formidable force in the finance & business sphere

How would you define New Shalimar Steel Industries as an organization and its current position in the market?

As a private entity, New Shalimar Steel Industries has successfully established a significant presence in the industry on a large scale. With over five decades of experience, we take pride in being one of Pakistan's oldest and largest manufacturers, stockists, importers, exporters, and sellers. Our company offers an extensive range of products, boasting more than 350 sizes, all crafted with international export quality. We have production and sales offices in key cities across Pakistan, which have enabled us to cater to a diverse customer base. In an industry dominated by private enterprises, I have worked as the Chief Operating Officer since 2011.

With a strategic vision and the timely introduction of advanced technologies, I have contributed to enhanced cost efficiencies and an expanded market share for our company. Furthermore, we continue to set the bar high, solidifying our position as an industry leader.

Can you describe your primary products/ services and elaborate on the additional benefits that customers can anticipate from using them?

We are immensely gratified to provide an extensive selection of hot-rolled profiles at New Shalimar Steel Industries, positioning us as leaders in our industry. Our product portfolio includes a wide array of residential and industrial sections, ensuring that we cater to diverse customer needs. What sets us apart is our dedication to quality and adherence to both local and international standards. Our products conform to renowned global standards such as American AISI, SAE and ASTM, British BSS, German DIN, Japanese JIS, and ISO International Standard. Moreover, we offer flexibility in sizes and grades, tailoring our offerings to meet the specific requirements of our valued customers. Additionally, to ensure comprehensive solutions, we also offer sections manufactured by other reputable companies and imported sections.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow to lead your team?

In today's dynamic business landscape, visionary leaders must attract top-tier talent capable of propelling strategic goals and infusing workplaces with inventive ideas. As the driving force behind New Shalimar, I firmly believe in cultivating an environment where employees not only thrive but also have a voice in decision-making. Embracing diversity, I've assembled a team of highly qualified individuals, enabling us to harness a multitude of perspectives for pioneering solutions. Fostering teamwork and nurturing leaders are key aspects of our human resource strategy, while efficiently managing our diversified product portfolio has propelled our company's success. The introduction of a centralized ERP system has yielded numerous operational triumphs, including streamlined recordkeeping, efficient cash management, and effective risk mitigation. Our focus on fund management has resulted in efficient liquidity, cost savings, and enhanced production, reflecting our commitment to success.

Adnan Zahoor, Chief Operating Officer, New Shalimar Steel Industries

Adnan, a highly experienced professional, currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at New Shalimar Steel Industries. With a strong background in finance and accounting, Adnan's expertise stems from his educational qualifications, including an MSc in Professional Accountancy from the University of London. He is an ACCA member since July 2017, having cleared the ACCA exams in 2009 from the London School of Accountancy. Adnan Zahoor - FCCA, was also awarded the prestigious title of Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants.

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