An Soon Tan: Creating An Education Revolution Through Innovation & Purpose

An Soon Tan: Creating An Education Revolution Through Innovation & Purpose

An Soon Tan , CTO

An Soon Tan


In the dynamic realm of technology, one individual shines as a symbol of innovation and proficiency - An Soon Tan, the revered Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at EDUPLAY. With a career spanning over two decades, An Soon has not merely navigated the complexities of technology; he has carved a distinctive niche for himself in the local Full-stack development arena, earning the reputation of a digital maestro.

At the helm of EDUPLAY's technology division, An Soon Tan brings a wealth of experience and a vision for the future. As the CTO, he leads, inspires, and collaborates with the IT team, steering EDUPLAY's tech infrastructure toward new horizons. His multifaceted skill set allows him to strike a delicate balance, ensuring the security and integrity of EDUPLAY's systems while catering to the diverse needs of the platform's extensive user base. Below is an excerpt of An Soon Tan’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights ASIA magazine.

Could you give us a summary of your professional journey and what motivates you to carry out your duties?

Embarking on my professional journey at 13, I discovered the allure of MS-DOS, kindling a fascination with computer control through formatting.Technology, to me, mirrors life's complexities - a single problem, and countless solutions, much like the vast galaxy. Over two decades as a digital maestro, I've mastered Laravel, React Native, Python, PHP, and delved into AWS and Google Cloud. Certified in data science by IBM, I've applied machine learning models practically with Scikit-learn and SciPy. From intricate gaming to pioneering price comparison platforms, my experience extends to bespoke e-commerce sites, proving invaluable to clients. Today, I lead and inspire EDUPLAY's tech team, merging theoretical prowess with real-world innovation.

Define EDUPLAY as an organization and its position in the Education sector.

EDUPLAY stands as an educational beacon, driven by an inspiring mission to provide empowerment through a joyful and personalized learning journey. At its core, EDUPLAY is revolutionizing education by infusing the essential element of fun into the learning process. Recognizing the challenges faced by both educators and students, particularly in the age range of 12 to 18 to Gen Zs, EDUPLAY employs innovative gamification techniques and audience targeting. With a dedication to personalized AI, EDUPLAY's algorithm ensures that education is tailored to individual students, acknowledging the unique pace at which each learner absorbs knowledge. It's an educational experience akin to a tailored suit, where one size does not fit all, placing students at the forefront of their educational endeavours.

With your depth of experience in the Tech field, why did you choose to lead the tech efforts of EDUPLAY?

Choosing to spearhead EDUPLAY's tech efforts was a decision fuelled by a profound alignment with the company's mission, to shape a future where learning is not just a pursuit but a joyous, passionate, and purposeful journey. EDUPLAY addresses the perplexities faced by individuals questioning their life's direction, offering a solution through a playful odyssey that illuminates the path forward. Jing Hui's vision, the founder of EDUPLAY, resonates deeply with me - to make education not only enjoyable but also effortlessly accessible for future generations. I see technology as the pivotal tool to actualize this vision, providing solutions that are not just fun but also seamlessly integrated, ensuring an enriching and straightforward educational experience for generations to come.

In the intricate composition of advancement, the steadfast pillars of our strategic initiatives are security & privacy

As the CTO, what are the factors you take into account when developing digital transformation strategies?

As the CTO, my paramount focus in crafting digital transformation strategies revolves around the crucial pillars of security and privacy, recognizing their heightened significance in today's dynamic digital landscape. Amid the allure of chasing dreams and missions, I steadfastly place security at the forefront, acknowledging the vulnerability of the younger generation to the influences of social media, misinformation, and the expanding realm of AI. Erecting robust safeguards is not just a priority but a foundational commitment, ensuring the protection of future generations in an educational environment increasingly shaped by technology. In the intricate composition of advancement, the steadfast pillars of our strategic initiatives are security and privacy.

How do you foster a culture of innovation within your company?

At our company, cultivating an innovative culture surrounding a ‘Discovery through Play’ approach is an artful process. We promote self-discovery, urging team members to delve into their interests and skills, fostering a fertile ground for novel ideas. Empowerment is our cornerstone - we grant employees the autonomy to make decisions, nurturing confidence and sparking creative thinking. Active engagement is paramount; we listen attentively to every idea and feedback, valuing each contributor. Through personalized approaches that recognize and cater to individual needs, we create an environment where employees feel happier, more valued, and, consequently, more creatively inspired.

What do you think the tech industry will look like in the future?

In the current digital age, our primary interaction with computers involves issuing commands or instructions. Yet, my outlook on the future of technology inclines towards heightened automation and tailored experiences for users. As AI continually advances and blockchain technology progresses, I envision a future where the tech landscape embraces decentralization and open-source ideals. This transformation not only democratizes technology but also enhances its adaptability and user-centric nature.

An Soon Tan, CTO, Eduplay

An Soon Tan, a seasoned tech visionary, boasts over two decades in Full-stack development. Holding a Data Science Professional Certification from IBM, he masters tools like Laravel, React Native, Python, PHP and more. His impactful career spans intricate projects in gaming, price comparison, and tailored e-commerce, earning acclaim as a digital maestro.

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