Askins Lam: A Trailblazer On A Mission To Set New Benchmarks

Askins Lam: A Trailblazer On A Mission To Set New Benchmarks

Askins Lam, Managing Director - APAC

Askins Lam

Managing Director - APAC

Large facilities such as data centers, public infrastructure, and commercial offices, to name a few, demand that the distribution of operational spaces in the building must be done efficiently. To cater to the requirement of providing high-functioning spaces, Sygna was established as a global commissioning and project management pioneer. Under the leadership of Askins Lam, the company is on a mission to continually evolve so they can deliver the best high-functioning spaces for clients.

From commissioning to post-occupancy, Sygna is always there with its clients and certifies building services & technology systems to ensure that the delivered design is the same as required. Currently, the company’s approach is to lead the field, and be on a constant journey of evolution. They strive to remain at the cutting edge, delivering highfunctioning projects in every corner of the globe. Askins Lam earned his Engineering degree in Hong Kong and started his professional career as a design engineer at an international engineering design firm. He then gained his knowledge on Project Management in a leading Project Management

consultancy firm, and went on to become the APAC Group Managing Director at Sygna. His transition into a commissioning management career from a design engineer & project manager took place when he joined Commtech Asia (former name of Sygna) in 2013. Askins always engages in interaction with all the stakeholders who are delivering good results and keeps an eye on every detail of the project. His methodical and thoughtful approach has brought various plaudits to the company. We recently engaged in an interaction with Askins Lam, let’s hear from him.

What drives you today to keep on going and what is your success mantra?

My passion for engineering helps me in knowing how things work which led me to join this industry. I started by designing the system and then moved to project management where I got to know various aspects of the building process like planning, design, implementation, and commissioning. Then moving from project management to commissioning management gave me the drive to keep going and I believe my success mantra is my ability to understand the client’s needs and ultimately to satisfy their needs.

Relationships built on trust helps in the retention of good talent & clients

Tell us about your leadership and governance approach. What are the guidelines you follow as a leader?

I think, during any kind of crisis, my approach is to listen and understand what happened first. When we try to resolve any issue, I always listen to the story from both sides before giving my judgment. Leading by example is my other leadership approach which I have used throughout my professional journey. I refuse to delegate any kind of work to any individual if I do not know how to do that work by myself. It is only then I can know which work is more feasible to be done by the team and what kind of tasks can be assigned. That's why I spend quite a lot of time to really understand what's going on before making any decision. I always strive to make my team capable enough to do their job more effectively and efficiently.

How do you picture yourself evolving as you move forward on your professional journey?

At this moment, Sygna is growing and we are one of the leading commissioning consultants. We are striving to expand our team across the globe to deliver projects, and develop different services and sectors. We are aiming to grow to a bigger team in the next few years to provide a variety of services to our clients like data centers, hotels, resorts, pharmaceutical companies, industrial companies shopping complexes, corporate buildings and many more. We are also putting our focus on sustainability by reducing use of energy and carbon emissions.

What would your message be to entrepreneurs or future leaders who are stepping into this industry?

My advice for future leaders is that you must be clear about your core values, the core values of the company, and the core value of the company’s services.Remember that it is not just making money to run your businesses but also balancing the progress and service quality. Being a leader, the most important aspect is to maintain a trusting relationship with your team, and then the team will be motivated and continue to deliver the best services to your clients - and ultimately be trusted by them.

Askins Lam, Managing Director - APAC, Sygna

Seasoned and qualified Electrical Engineer with engineering design skills and project management experience, Askins Lam has worked with many leading companies like WSP, Arcadis, and Sygna.


• Hobbies: Enjoy all sorts of sports, such as Swimming, Basketball, CrossFit

• Favorite Cuisine: Cantonese Cuisine

• Favorite Book: I enjoy reading online articles about the industry trend

• Favorite Travel Destination: Bali, Indonesia

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