Aymen Alrubaye: Demonstrating Leadership Acumen In Creating Leaders Out Of Individuals

Aymen Alrubaye: Demonstrating Leadership Acumen In Creating Leaders Out Of Individuals

Aymen Alrubaye , CEO

Aymen Alrubaye


Many leadership characteristics are transportable between industries. People in positions of power, for example, use emotional intelligence, ingenuity, and adaptability to assist employees in completing initiatives and meeting company goals, whether in business, government, or education. Other leadership characteristics such as empathy, desire to collaborate, and the ability to listen are especially essential to leaders because they enable them to reach out to people outside their circles and comprehend other perspectives.

Aymen Alrubaye, CEO of Saafat Al Wadea is one such leader who has the ability to steer individuals, teams, or organizations toward the achievement of goals and objectives. Playing a pivotal role in management, Aymen has always focused on maximizing efficiency and achieving strategic and organizational goals. He has been a leader who helps others by encouraging them, guiding them, building morale, enhancing the work atmosphere, and initiating constructive initiatives. In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights Magazine, Aymen Alrubaye, CEO, Saafat Al Wadea walks us through his professional journey along with the unique traits of the company:

Could you give a brief account of your professional background and experiences? What drives you today?

I'm a results-oriented CEO with over five years of experience leading and driving growth in medium and large-scale organizations. I hold a bachelor's degree in architecture from GJU and have worked in a variety of industries, including commerce, restaurants and catering, investments, and real estate development. My father's knowledge provided the majority of my expertise as the founder and partner of Saafat Al Wadea. So, combining modern management with my father's knowledge and wisdom from the past has given me the necessary edge. What motivates me now is the desire to provide the greatest customer experiences and services to my market while also having the opportunity to raise customer service standards.

How would you define Saafat Al Wadea General Trading Co. as an organization and its current position in the market? Tell us about your flagship offerings.

Saafat Al Wadea is a trusted company who is in tandem with quality, value for money, and wellness. In the past few years, we have created a niche for ourselves in the FMCG industry. What customers can expect from us is a life changing experience as Saafat Al Wadea has been consistently introducing innovative food products to the market while educating the customers about its health benefits. We are well known in the market for our products which includes karak tea, parmesan cheese, natural cheese, to name a few.

I Consider Myself A Coleader, And I Believe That Every Team, If Properly Equipped, Can Lead Itself. So, Without My Team, I Would Not Have Accomplished What I Have

Tell us about your leadership approach? Tell us about some of the toughest challenges you have encountered and how did you overcome them and what did you learn from them?

I consider myself a co-leader, and I believe that every team, if properly equipped, can lead itself. So, without my team, I would not have accomplished what I have.This accomplishment belongs to all of us. My key methodology is to train my staff to take over for the managers. They will always be well equipped for the larger picture this way.Iraq is one of the most unstable economic and political countries in the region. So, we are always well prepared for almost anything. However, the pandemic was the toughest challenge we have encountered as no one was prepared for such a challenge. But with the dedication of my team, we were able to get through it.

Going forward, what are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate and what are the opportunities that you foresee?

Technology is the biggest game changer in the market behavior in every sector and I always find it as an opportunity more than a challenge.

Aymen Alrubaye, CEO, Saafat Al Wadea

Aymen is an experienced executive director with a demonstrated history of working in the food & beverages industry. He brings to the table the needed experience in management. He has been a strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) from German Jordanian university.

• Hobbies: Swimming

• Favorite Cuisine: Iraqi cuisine especially maskoof

• Favorite Book: Secret

• Favorite Travel Destination: UAE/DUBAI

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