Bon Doblar: An Influential Hr Professional And Educator Reimagining Retention As The New Recruitment

Bon Doblar: An Influential Hr Professional And Educator Reimagining Retention As The New Recruitment

Bon Doblar , Director - Human Resources

Bon Doblar

Director - Human Resources

Human resource forms an integral part of any organization. The HR managers have responsibilities like planning, recruiting, selection, induction, training, developing, ensuring safety, and determining compensation packages. The people who develop prospective Human Resources for their countries are regarded as great individuals.

Bon Doblar is a young individual who is the Director of Human Resources at Dr. Yanga's College (DYCI). Bon is an educator at heart, a writer, and a public speaker who loves connecting and engaging with people of various backgrounds and industries. Through his work at DYCI, Bon shares the vision of the institute to be more than just a school, a family where young individuals are transformed into world-class, God-centered leaders and transform into a beacon of service and compassion to all of humanity.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights Asia magazine, Bon Doblar shares with us his professional journey and his roles and experience at Dr. Yanga's Colleges.

Tell us about your professional journey as an HR professional and the various roles and responsibilities you shoulder as a leader at Dr. Yanga's Colleges.

I started as an HR Director at the age of 22. With it, I was tasked and trusted as lead strategist for over three hundred employees who are seasoned practitioners, educators, and professionals. The focus was on ensuring transparency in HR services to each of the employees, through meaningful conversations. My goal is to know and understand the people of the school, within a school year, from the security personnel, maintenance, and faculty, up to directors and others, by having at least a day dedicated to each, for a casual meet-up. I like to call this program HR Connect, managing by walking around style, wherein the aim is to keep people of DYCI informed, involved, and inspired. The same program is being implemented in my work as the Director- In-Charge of the Students' Affairs and Services.

What are some of the challenges that you have faced along your professional journey and how did you overcome them? Are there other roles that you play apart from being an HR professional?

I started my work at a very young age and with it came the challenge to make people listen to me. Listening is an effective tool, so I make people listen to me as I practice the same, by listening to all our employees, be they janitors, maintenance staff, or others. I also serve as an Educator and Public Speaker to various multi sectoral organizations, and as a volunteer summer school teacher to students of indigent communities. Apart from this, I am also a resource speaker at international workshops and lectures for leadership and entrepreneurship, like the Education Summit on Future Schools, Int'l Conference for Professional Learning, Entrepreneurship, and Startup Businesses. Glad just recently I was invited to speak for the Philippine HR Expo and Symposium.

How would you define Dr. Yanga's Colleges as an organization and its position in the education sector? Tell us about your school's The REIMAGINED Learning Program.

Dr. Yanga's Colleges (DYCI) has envisioned always becoming more than a school, a family for all. Its seventy-two years of innovative and God-Centered brand of quality education prepares youths to be the servant and heroic leaders for God and the country, making it the Most Transformative School in the Philippines (2012). As an inventive school, it has also served as a flag-bearer for the Philippines in various world competitions in the field of Robotics.

The Reimagined Program is a brainchild of our very prolific school President, Sir Michael Yanga. It is a program that is intended to ensure that no student of our school would be left behind in the time the pandemic, by ensuring flexible, practical, and affordable modes of learning. REIMAGINED learning program stands for Roadmap for Excellent and Inclusive Modalities and Approaches towards a God-centered and Innovative New Normal of Education for our DYCians. With this program, we aim to deliver innovative modalities to promote the development not only of the mind through academic programs but also, of the heart and soul through non-academic and God-centred programs.

What are some of the latest trends in the Human Resources and education sector that you see developing?

Although there are many innovations in technology, I believe that the most important innovation is fostering nurturing relationships to retain people. “Investing in people would remain the best Innovation”. The satisfaction an employee gets from knowing that they are accepted, and cared for, in a working environment is an impactful retention strategy.

Is there any advice that you would like to give to budding HR professionals and educators like you?

Stop propagating the idea that experience comes with age because experience, for me, is something that you invest in daily and then harvest over time. People might tell you that you are too young and unqualified for the job, listen to them but prove them wrong with your work. Choosers are never losers.

Dr. Yanga's college is a home and a family for all - an institution that best understands its students, best celebrates life, and a school where no one is left behind

Bon Doblar, Director-Human Resources, Dr. Yanga's Colleges

Bon Doblar is a young, inventive, multi-awarded, and multi-certified Director for Human Resources of the Most Transformative School in the Philippines - Dr. Yanga's Colleges. He is a dedicated advocate to various sectoral organizations engaged with a wide-range of academic and non-academic facilitations, in the Philippines and to different member countries of the United Nations.

Hobbies: A proud Furr Dad to six healthy dogs.

Favorite Books: Courage to be Disliked by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga

Awards & Recognition:

• Global Youth Leader for Community and Education 2022, Thailand

• Int'l Leadership Awardee, India

• Int'l Futuristic Educator Awardee, Dubai

• Int'l Innovative Educator 2021, India

• Registered Marketing (RMP) & Business Professional (RBP)

• Certified Human Resource (CHRP), Learning Development (CLDP) and Compensaton and Benefits Professional (CCBP)

• Asia Youth Int'l MUN (AYIMUN) and Int'l MUN (IMUN) Country Delegate (2021)

• Gawad PARAYA (2021) & Gawad Kabataang Marilenyo (2017)

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