Danilo Aquino: Designing Best-In-Class Architectural Solutions To Meet Highest Standards

Danilo Aquino: Designing Best-In-Class Architectural Solutions To Meet Highest Standards

Danilo Aquino,    Managing Director & CEO

Danilo Aquino

Managing Director & CEO

Construction Consultancy can be an invaluable resource for anyone involved in a building project since they provide expertise, cost savings, risk management, time management, and quality control among other benefits. Contributing its best to this ever developing market is Archetype Philippines, a leading Construction consultancy firm in the Philippines.

Danilo Aquino is the Managing Director and CEO of Archetype Philippines and under his aegis, Archetype has secured a clutch in the industry as one of the reliable firms that operate as a highly professional partner, Danilo has a master’s degree in structural engineering and was the former chairman of College of Civil Engineering of the Lyceum of the Philippines University and former lecturer in the College of Engineering of the De La Salle University Manila.

In an exclusive discussion with CEO Insights Asia magazine, Danilo shares in detail about his organization, its offerings, and future plans.

How would you define Archetype group and its position in the market? What are the value additions offered to the clients?
Archetype is a leading construction consultancy with almost 30 offices in 4 continents of Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. Established in 2002, Archetype is a multidisciplinary construction consultancy and a one-stop shop since we offer inhouse services in Architecture and Master Planning, Building, and Infrastructure Engineering, Industrial and Process Engineering, and Project, Construction, and cost Management.

Archetype has a team of seasoned professionals to offer superior quality services in construction sectors such as buildings and real estate, industry and manufacturing, and energy and infrastructure. We harness out-of-the-box and creative thinking, unparalleled expertise, and knowledge to consistently deliver successful projects to our clients.

Archetype Group builds world class projects with efficiency due to its understanding of rapidly changing & evolving market trends

You possess over four decades of experience. Tell us about your professional milestones and your path to success.
At the beginning of my career, I spent eight years at the Lyceum of the Philippines University working my way up to the position of Chairman at the College of Civil Engineering. Between 1990 and 2007, I enjoyed tenures at a range of international construction outfits including ABV Rock Group, Express Builders, Meinhardt Philippines, and Arenco Architectural and Engineering Consultants. I have also been the Director and Head of Structural Engineering and Design Integration for NORR Group Consultants International Dubai from 2007 to 2019. Some of my most iconic projects include The Iran Mall, The Pontiac Residential Towers in Canada, The Address Sky Views Residential Towers, the Sahara Sky in India, Dubai Mall in the UAE, The Jumeirah Beach Residence, and the CIEL Hotel Tower.

Tell us about your leadership approach and the guidelines you follow to lead your team
There are many different approaches to leadership, and the most effective one depends on the situation and the individuals involved. I am an unconventional leader and believe in leading by example so I guide my team by not telling them what to do but first doing it myself. I encourage creativity and innovation and treat my staff as friends. This also includes paying equal attention to the ideas generated by a new talent or senior staff. I also believe in setting a clear vision and mission, analyzing the market and competition, developing long term strategies, monitoring progress, and adjusting the course as needed.

                                                                                                                           Danilo Aquino,   Managing Director & CEO

What is the future destination that you aim to achieve for Archetype Group?
Archetype has always strived to provide solutions that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly and will continue to do so in the future by providing sustainable and resilient design solutions. We have seen exponential growth in the last two years despite Covid 19 and in the next five years, we want to be the best consulting firm in the Philippines. We want to establish long-lasting relationships with clients through impeccable services that can be customized according to the needs of the clients. There are several trends and developments that are likely to shape the future of architecture consultancies, including advances in technology and digital tools, and archetype would like to embrace the change constantly to create more complex and sophisticated designs.

In light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to budding industry leaders?
The future of architecture consultancy is likely to be dynamic, rapidly evolving, and influenced by changes in the way people live and work. For example, the Covid 19 pandemic has accelerated the shift towards remote working and online collaborations, which can change the way that architects and designers work with clients and colleagues. Many organizations have realized the benefits of remote working including increased flexibility, reduced costs, and improved work-life balance, and are likely to continue offering it as an option for employees in the future.

Danilo Aquino, Managing Director & CEO, Archetype Philippines Inc
Danilo Aquino is a Civil and Structural Design Director with 40 years of experience designing world famous, and iconic multi billion dollar projects such as malls. International airports, tall and super tall buildings (300 meters and above). He is a well known expert in the field of fast track design and construction and has received numerous accolades for the same.

Favorite Hobbies- Bowling, Reading Technical Books
Favorite Cuisine- French and Filipino

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