Dawn Heng: A Serial Entrepreneur Passionate About Strengthening The Global Wellness Sectors

Dawn Heng: A Serial Entrepreneur Passionate About Strengthening The Global Wellness Sectors

Dawn Heng , Founder & MD

Dawn Heng

Founder & MD

Owing to the rising health issues due to several life circumstances, there has been an expansion in the health and wellness space, globally today. Dawn Heng (Founder of Greatwell Global Consulting) is one professional who is greatly moved by the notion of holistic wellness and healthy living and thus strives to positively impact the world by exploring the limits of alternative medicine to prevent, not cure, illness to support companies, communities, institutions, and NGOs in pursuit of the 17 UN SDGs.

Dawn Heng is an Environmental Engineering Graduate from Nanyang Technological University. With a strong focus on technology, she is soon launching Greatwell Paradise – An innovative Holistic Health and Well-Being Advisory Hub and Glocal Care X Community – The Healthcare and Wellness Global Support Ecosystem under Greatwell Global Consulting with an aim to provide timely and strategic business consulting services to those in need to help them reach more leads, raise funds, and build credibility. She is also the Honorary Chairperson of APAC for the Global Council for the Promotion of International Trade.

Take us through your early educational journey and prior industry experience.

In my undergraduate days at Nanyang Technological University, I gained experience in crisis management as part of a research team studying earthquakes in Japan. This gave me valuable insights into disaster crisis management into workplace safety and wellness during my work experience as a Project Engineer. Later, I transitioned into Business Development with M & L Hospitality. Hosting international meetings; meeting with global investors and bankers and working alongside my Chairman and CIO gave me a global business perspective which prepared me for my current consulting entrepreneurship portfolio. With a keen interest in children’s education, I became a teacher and had an opportunity to delve deeper into child psychology and development. All of these experiences and interests inspired me to launch ‘Greatwell Paradise’ with the mission – to promote a holistic health and well-being solutions.

What motivated you to found Greatwell Global Consulting? Tell us about the underlying idea.

I found my niche in wellness marketing during the COVID lockdown. My personal passion for preventive care started from being the Centre Head of NTU Elder Services Club and ultimately led to the founding of Greatwell Marketing Consultancy. Inspired by my mentors, Dr. Jackie Taylor - a UN Advisor and Founder of Flying Binary and Santosh Ganesh- Global Chairperson & Founder of the Global Council for the Promotion of International Trade (GCPIT), I created a one-stop healthcare and wellness advocacy listing platform, since then Greatwell Marketing Consultancy grew to become Greatwell Global Consulting. In addition, I'm also the Co-Founder of three other companies namely, Merandi Global Consulting, Morandi Lifestyle International, and Global Impact Investment Alliance, working alongside my mentors to discover new innovative ways to bring our vision to life. I aim to help more people through wellness marketing, including charitable organizations, building on technology.

What are some of the most critical challenges you encounter as a marketing leader in Asia? How did you overcome them?

The pandemic has saturated the wellness industry in the past few years with new innovative products and services consistent launch, and the existing businesses & brands extensively needed to differentiate in order to stand out within their specific wellness categories. And, we are doing so! Greatwell Paradise’s 5 Pillars of Care are created to provide specific business solutions to Greatwell Global’s B2B/D2C/NGO clientele.

Greatwell Paradise - an innovative Health and Well-Being Advisory hub is made up of 5 Pillars of Care namely: Holistic Health and Well- Being, Corporate Well-Being, Coaching Programs, Impact Startups and Glocal Care X Community. We customized our Brand Advocacy Programs to highlight the impact USPs of our clients’ platforms, brands and services respectively, enabling them to be distinguishably promoted to the right communities to gain maximum ROV (generated and delivered).

How do you foresee the marketing landscape evolving going forward?

To succeed in the ever-changing global market, it's important to stay on top of new trends and opportunities. I recently participated in the Foreign Investment Economic Forum hosted by the Vietnam Prime Minister and delegation team, which highlighted the growth and potential of the Vietnamese and wider Asian market. At Greatwell, we recognize the potential of the Vietnamese market and the importance of strategic partnerships to succeed in this dynamic market. With our presence established in several countries globally, we are committed to becoming a key player in the global wellness brands, products, and services market.

What are the top three milestones you have achieved throughout your professional journey? What has been your mantra for success?

As an Environmental Engineer, I managed to save the life of a loving teammate in the nick of time, with the courageous rescue from our Senior Engineer who injured himself in the process; it strikes me to realize how vulnerable life can be and how important workplace safety is. This is definitely one of the key focus in ‘Glocal Care X Community’. As a business owner with a strong network of partners, I am honoured to be able to work with purpose-driven global leaders and key decision-makers to fulfill Greatwell Global Consulting and Merandi Global Consulting’s company vision and mission. Building a community of wellness change agents who are willing to take action is key to creating real change. Well, it is the blessed guidance of a network of renowned, established, and highly respectable mentors and global leaders who have patiently supported me on my successful entrepreneurial journey.

Advice for Women Entrepreneur

Leave No One Behind – Trust your Vision, make things work. Support and advance forward together, Building valuable friendships and creating meaningful business journey.

Dawn Heng, Founder & MD, Greatwell Global Consulting

A passionate entrepreneur who is dedicated to promoting wellness, wellness, and healthy living looking out for the physical, mental & emotional health of all.

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