Deepak Booneady: Crafting Unique Experiences For Guests By Fostering Innovation In Business Management

Deepak Booneady: Crafting Unique Experiences For Guests By Fostering Innovation In Business Management

Deepak Booneady , CEO

Deepak Booneady


In the hospitality landscape, behind every great customer experience lies an even greater group of leaders who focuses their actions on accurately assessing customers’ expectations and satisfying a diverse array of people. CEO Insights’ exclusive team engages in a conversation with one such great leader, Deepak Booneady, CEO, Sun Siyam Resorts who is leading the global hospitality industry for the past 23 years with his unique capability to create a deeper sense of connection and belongingness with the people around him.

Deepak had a very humble beginning; he started his career as a room boy on a cruise in 1998. From there he entered Mauritian hospitality and grabbed different opportunities to work in the industry in various leadership roles. He was associated with Beachcomber Resorts and Hotels in Mauritius for almost 11 years, instrumentally spearheading the PR, Sales, and Marketing of the business. Prior to joining Sun Siyam Resorts, Deepak was driving innovation in LUX Resorts and Hotels in Maldives for eight years, managing the sales and marketing of the business in Maldives, Mauritius, a nd t he Middle East. At Sun Siyam Resorts, he is driving the overall operation of the company, and working closely with management teams and the Board of Directors to create a culture of innovation and craft unique experiences for their guests.

Apart from being a charismatic business leader, Deepak is very passionate about travelling; he enjoys visiting different countries and meeting new people. Deepak is truly an inspiration for many emerging business leaders in the industry.

Let’s hear it from him.

You possess 23 years of experience in the hospitality industry; what is the most important learning that you carry forward from your previous experiences?

Hospitality is all about people. Professionals in this industry must be able to understand the needs and expectations of their guests and the behaviour of their people. So based on that, in the last 23 years, I have learned to deliver everything our guests are looking for and create that kind of unique moment that provides them with the experience of a lifetime. The mantra is simple — if the guests are happy, everybody from the staff to the shareholders and the owners will be happy.

Tell us about Sun Siyam Resorts. What makes the group different from its competitors?

Sun Siyam Resorts is the visionary creation of Maldivian entrepreneur, Ahmed Siyam Mohamed, and one of the most forward-thinking and dynamic companies. From its inception as a travel agency and over the past 30 years, the company has grown and diversified into other complementing businesses including logistics, sustainable farming, and construction. Today we manage five affordable luxury private island properties in the Maldives and a boutique beach retreat on the East Coast of Sri Lanka.

The mantra is simple if the guests are happy, everybody from the staff to the shareholders & the owners will be happy

Every resort in the Maldives has beautiful white sandy beaches, restaurants, and a gorgeous reef, and so do we. But what makes Sun Siyam Resorts different is its collection of unforgettable and unique experiences catered to every sort of traveller. Whether it’s the biggest floating water park, the world’s first underwater jet pack by Cudajet, or the first-ever horse ranch in the Maldives, we are known for inventing and thinking outside the box.

Could you tell me about the sustainable practices that Sun Siyam Resorts has adopted in its operations and the company's visions toward a sustainable future?

Sustainability, one of the core values, in terms of our people, innovation, integrity, and our passion for delivering the best experiences to our guests. It is not only about building a green planet but also helping the community and people around us to live healthy lives. As an organization, we are not only in complete abandonment of the usage of plastic bottles in our resorts but also help local communities by collecting their plastic bottles and sending them for recycling. We work together with local islands to protect various species and engage in activities such as coral planting. In our mission to build a sustainable future, we also engage in educating local students on how marine life is being adversely affected by different human activities. Moreover, we are working on solar projects to make 60 percent of our resorts function through solar power by 2025. These initiatives are all part of our very own company-wide sustainability programme called Sun Siyam Cares.

In light of your strong experience, what advice would you give to budding industry leaders?

Hospitality is a constantly growing industry. This is because travel today has moved from being a luxury to becoming a part of everybody’s daily life. I would encourage people to invest more in sustainable tourism and we, as industry leaders, must be able to provide new destinations for people to enjoy. There are so many islands in the Maldives that are still not developed; investors need to come up with new and unique experiences for people that are willing to come back to the destination in the future. Just like Sun Siyam Resorts’ initiative to build the largest sports complex in the Maldives, other business leaders must also look for ground-breaking ideas which would not only be sustainable but also provide a world-class experience to tourists.

Deepak Booneady, CEO, Sun Siyam Resorts

Having over two decades of illustrious experience in effectively driving the Sales & Marketing of reputed brands of the hospitality industry in Maldives and Mauritius, Deepak is currently managing five luxury private island properties in the Maldives and a boutique beach retreat on the East Coast of Sri Lanka by keeping sustainability at the forefront of his operations.

Hobbies: Travelling

Favorite Cuisine: Japanese

Favorite Travel Destination: India

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