Dinh Minh Hoang: Strategic Leader With Growth Mindset

Dinh Minh Hoang: Strategic Leader With Growth Mindset

Dinh Minh Hoang , CFO

Dinh Minh Hoang


Vietnam's burgeoning economy has drawn significant attention from global businesses in recent years, and the role of financial officers in the country’s business realm has become more vital than ever. Navigating the fast-paced market, managing regulatory complexities, and embracing technological advancements present unique challenges and opportunities for CFOs in Vietnam. They must be agile, forward-thinking, and proactive in financial strategies, while ensuring strong risk management and compliance. CEO Insights ASIA is glad to shed light on such a versatile CFO, Dinh Minh Hoang. He is a member of the UK's Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia, Canada. Holding a Master of Science in Professional Accountancy from the University of London, Hoang brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as CFO at Tech Data Vietnam (TD SYNNEX).

With a stellar background, Hoang held esteemed positions in prominent Vietnamese organizations, refining his financial acumen and gaining valuable insights into diverse industries. He believes in the value of hard work and champions collaborative efforts, seeing success as a result of teamwork and mutual growth.

Hoang's unwavering motivation lies in empowering and uplifting others. Through coaching, energizing, and fostering growth, he paves the way for the success of his colleagues and team members. As CFO at Tech Data Vietnam (TD SYNNEX), Hoang continues to drive financial excellence, innovation, and sustainable growth in Vietnam's dynamic market. His leadership philosophy centers around collaborative success and creating an environment where everyone's potential can flourish.

How would you define TD SYNNEX as an organization and its current position in the market?

I am living in Vietnam and working for Tech Data Solutions Vietnam, a TD SYNNEX company. It is a prominent global distributor and solutions aggregator for the IT ecosystem, and the presence in Vietnam through Tech Data Solutions Vietnam underscores its commitment to serving the dynamic market of the country. As a leading innovative partner, TD SYNNEX empowers over 150,000 customers across 100+ countries to maximize the value of their technology investments, demonstrating tangible business outcomes, and unlocking growth opportunities.

We secured an impressive position at No.64 in the latest Fortune 500 list, with reported revenues of $62.3 billion for fiscal 2022. This achievement reflects the organization's solid financial performance and strategic positioning in the industry.

At TD SYNNEX, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are deeply ingrained values. The company cherishes the belief that it is through embracing differences that they truly make a difference. The organization fosters a working culture that thrives on understanding, recognizing, respecting, and celebrating the diverse backgrounds, expertise, experiences, and unique perspectives of its workforce. The company creates an environment where all co-workers can unlock their full potential and truly feel a sense of belonging.

I aspire to extend my capabilities & work in different countries, beyond the boundaries of Vietnam

As a CFO, how do you plan to apply your long professional experience in this domain to add more stars to the organization's profile?

As the world undergoes rapid change, the role of CFO is also evolving. Drawing upon my extensive professional experience, I am determined to enhance the organization's profile by making value-added decisions that go beyond the confines o f f inancial r eporting. Shifting away from t raditional t hinking, w e m ust c ultivate a growth mindset that acknowledges the significance of more than just numbers and finance-related choices. By influencing strategic decisions, we have the power to drive long-term sustainability and prosperity for the organization.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?

I embrace the Servant Leadership model, prioritizing the thriving of others and caring for their well-being. Team success is paramount in my approach. Personally, I continually strive to improve myself, enhancing my capabilities and knowledge, not just in finance but also in various areas. I draw from the Servant Leadership model used within the company, applying its principles in my daily responsibilities. For me, leadership is about combining care for people's well-being and their success.

What are the major challenges you have encountered initially while establishing yourself as a successful leader in the domain?

One of the major challenges I encountered was transforming from solely a finance-focused perspective to becoming a true business partner deeply involved in operations and strategic implementation. While recognizing the vital role of finance, I sought to add more value to drive business growth and sustainability. To overcome these challenges, I embraced a growth mindset, balancing confidence with openness, humility, and authenticity, enabling me to emerge as a successful professional in my domain.

In the light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to the budding industry leaders?

Embrace presence and positivity. In the ever-evolving IT industry, continuous self-study and staying up-to-date are essential for making informed decisions. These experiences will enhance your work, thinking, communication, team management, and relationship-building skills, fostering integrity within the organization. Achieving this will pave the way for you to become an inspiring, value-driven leader others will aspire to follow.

Furthermore, it is crucial to be ever-present in data analysis and keep a close eye on the market, particularly the micro and macro economy. This approach ensures that we not only focus on finance but also align our strategies with overall business goals to effectively deliver on targets.

Dinh Minh Hoang, CFO, Tech Data

With extensive experience in various esteemed organizations in Vietnam, including British American Tobacco Vietnam, Watabe Wedding Vietnam, Chuanplus Vietnam, and Vinastar Diamond Vietnam, Hoang has honed his financial acumen and gained valuable insights into diverse industries.

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